Walk With Me

by Corry Gass


The brand-new CD-Project of Corry Gass and her Band «Corry Gass & The Wild Dogs». A music genre cross over album with influence of Jazz, Funk & Soul over Blues to Pop.

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Concluded on 8/5/2016

«Walk With Me»

The time has come for a new CD project, which is the album debut of our band «Corry Gass & The Wild Dogs». During 4 years of the band’s existence, wonderful arrangements were found, which in many live performances delighted the audience. These, and other new compositions are worth being held professionally on CD. In order to put this fully into action, we need YOUR support!

Corry Gass & The Wild Dogs

  • Corry Gass – Vocals
  • René de Martin – Guitar & Vocals
  • Christian Pischel – Drums
  • Reinhard Scherübel – Bass & Vocals
  • Burkhard Frauenlob – Piano, Organ & Keyboard

In addition to the band’s usual line-up, numerous chummy musicians are involved in the production!

So there are many fine duets to listen!

Some famous Austrian musicians like Herwig Rüdisser, Ewald Pfleger and Erich Buchebner are involved, and others maybe less famous but also brilliant musicians!

Most of them have sung and played with us for free!

But a few, such as our ingenious horn section, one of which even wrote the horn arrangements of the songs that they bring to our CD, still need to be paid… Therefore, we need your support!

Also the involved sound engineers, who made outstanding recordings of the band and subsequently ensured a magnificent Sound through countless hours of mixing, are happy about their salaries, which is another purpose for how the money, your money will be spent.

The photographer and the graphic artists have also spared no effort and sacrificed many hours to give our CD the great appearance that it will have when finished ;-) Their fees are paid with your support!

The next point for which we need your financial support is the pressing of the CDs and the printing of CD covers – in short – the reproduction of the CD!

So that everyone who wants one, can get one!

The decision to use a so-called digipack makes our project more environmentally friendly, but as it’s often the case, unfortunately also more expensive to produce! Therefore, thank you for your understanding and your commitment!

Last but not least another very important point for us is the presentation of our CD. For this, which is planned as a special live concert with all the involved musicians, we will have to bear the costs for the location, required equipment and the necessary personnel. Apart from that we would love to invite a film crew that is filming the whole event, because all the musicians who ’walk with me’ through this project will take part in an unforgettable evening, which is something unique that deserves to be captured!

We are very confident and thank all of our supporters in advance wholeheartedly!

We are delighted with your active assistance, are very grateful for any contribution and, most importantly hope to bring joy to you with our music!

Now get your rewards! :-D