«Warrior Talk» – my second album

The Album «Warrior Talk» is named after the song «Warrior Talk».

The song is about finding your own path, about listening to your intuition and following your instincts. It’s about the magic that surrounds us that we at times forget.
Within 5 Days we recorded 12 songs live.

Vocals were recorded separately for a better mix in Zürich with Luis Cruz who also mixed all songs except the song «L.A. Or New York».

«L.A. Or New York» was mixed by Alvaro Alencar who is a multiple grammy winning mixer, producer and engineer. He offered to mix a song after listening to a song of mine which is also on this album. Beautiful, a great honor.

For the record I picked 12 out of 30 original songs that were arranged within 8 days.
I work intuitively and it’s important to me that all songs are authentic and heartfelt. Fred Kevorkian (Iggy Pop, The White Stripes) mastered «Warrior Talk» in New York.

The album offers a mix of indie, singer-songwriter, jazz with some pop elements.

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Covered until now are the recording, the mix and mastering – a big thank you to all my fans. I was able to finance all this through peformances, radio airplay and the «Aargauer Kuratorium» – an Institution in Switzerland that supports artists.

Now I am hoping you can help me out to complete the album and get it out.

What you support shall be used for this:

  • Artwork of Album Cover
  • Layout of Album Cover
  • Print and Pressing of CDs/Vinyl
  • Promotion (Switzerland and England)
  • Videoclip for Promotion

Should the amount of money be bigger than expected, then I intend to reward all who helped me get there – many worked on this for a low pay or for free – because they believe in the album.


Most of all I would love to reward all musicians that participated, which are the following: Simon Rupp (guitar, banjo), Robert Aeberhard ((Stand Up –)Bass), Christof Jaussi (Drums), Silvan Schmid (Trumpet), Ronja Rinderknecht und Ambrosius Huber (Cello), Linda Kratky (Backing Vocals).

Also: Luis Cruz (Mix, Co-Producer), Alvaro Alencar (Mix and additional arrangements on «LA OR New York») , Fred Kevorkian (Mastering), David Masu (Video and future Layout of Cover), Manuela Meier (video in studio), Dominik Golob (Photos) and last but not least, Ian Blackaby (Ani di Franco) from London who is helping me get released in the UK.

Who is Linah Rocio?

I grew up in Santiago de Chile, Hong Kong and Switzerland. I love working with other creative people on different projects. I have no management or label yet. My first Album «All About Secrets» came out 2010. I studied English Literature for a while, sang in Musicals and danced. At some point I concentrated on creating my own sound.

Thank you so so much for supporting me. It means the world to me. You shall get a reward you won’t forget – I promise you. Especially looking foward in writing your song or poem.