wazzara: New Release 2023

by Barbara Brawand


Off to new shores! Support our new release and embark on a new wazzara journey.

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Successfully concluded on 17/2/2023

Why a new wazzara release?

«[…] this is exactly the music I had been waiting for forever - contemporary, luminously versatile metal with depth and ambition, a delight for heart, soul and ears alike […].» Uta Violet, Saitenkult

This was one of much more overwhelming feedback we received in 2021 for our first full-length album «Cycles». The numerous positive reactions and the fact that the album could be financed 100% by crowdfunding have strengthened us in our goal: to continue creating music that touches, carries away, enchants and - apparently - inspires.

That’s why we want to release a follow-up EP this spring. For this purpose, we have created new songs and are now asking for your support to finance the studio recordings, mixing, mastering and record production.

wazzara is completely managed in a do-it-yourself manner; this means everything is crafted, supervised, and organized by us, without the financial support of a label in the background - or rather: our label is you! Your help allows us to realize our musical vision and to immortalize it recording-wise - and thus, eventually, to please you with it.

  • wazzara live 2022, © Tomi Palinkas Photography
    wazzara live 2022, © Tomi Palinkas Photography
  • vocal sessions 2023
    vocal sessions 2023
  • drum sessions @Clockwork Studios 2022
    drum sessions @Clockwork Studios 2022
  • bass session 2023
    bass session 2023
  • guitar sessions 2022
    guitar sessions 2022

About the EP

With our new release we once again focus on quality: You can look forward to an EP with three carefully refined songs. For the first time, Deniz Lebovci on drums and Tom Kuzmic on guitar will be featured, alongside the «old associates» Mäsi Stettler (Guitar), George Necola (Bass) and Barbara Brawand (Vocals, Guitar).

Thematically, the songs deal with the transience and vanity of being, tell of archaic visions and take you away into alpine, gloomy and at the same time ethereal sound worlds. The moon and the water - thematic guiding lights of wazzara - also flow in the new EP as a source of inspiration.

What do we need your backing for?

  • Drum recordings (studio rental & sound engineer)
  • Mixing
  • Mastering
  • Promo foto shooting
  • Merchandise production
  • CD production: yes, you read that right! Our experience shows that even in these modern times people still buy CDs. That’s why we want to have the new EP produced and offered as a CD.

In case of overfunding, we bow to your generosity and invest the extra money in the production of a music video and more merchandise.

Goodies! Your support means the world to us - and we want to show our appreciation. Therefore, we have put together a wide and exciting selection of goodies. We invite you to browse through the list on the page’s right side; we will be happy if you find something you like, so we can give you something in return. But you can also support our project just like that, without any reward.

Our deepest gratitude goes out to you. You not only enable us to realize our musical vision, but also encourage us to continue on our way. Both is infinitely valuable and we are proud to count you among the wazzara community.

Thank you very much!