«Djunta Mon – Nô konstrui d'junt»

«Djunta Mon – Nô konstrui d’junt» – Building together! This is the purpose of my trip to Mindelo, Cape Verde.

The idea of this project is to support local families building and renovating their homes. This project is initiated together with the Swiss-Cape Verdish managed local organization «Djunta Mon». This institution focuses on providing education and free time activities to local children. Together we kick off the project December!


Making the difference

Cape Verde - also called the forgotten Islands - is an archipelago in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean off the west coast of Africa. Unique for its rich culture and natural beauty. The island state is classified as a developing country (SIDS = Small Island Developing States). The persistent scarcity of resources is the reason for social and political challenges the local population is facing.

Target group of the project are local families who need support in the completion or renovation of their homes. Construction projects often fail due to lack of financial resources. The families are forced to live in unfinished or dilapidated shelters. These shelter offer insufficient protection from the environment. Hygienic standards in sanitary facilities often lack due to poor installations.


Why I need your help

The houses are located in the district «Ribeira Bote» known as a poverty and conflict district for a long time. In recent years, local and foreign social projects have led to a massive development of the neighborhood. The initiated project «Djunta Mon - Nô konstrui d’junt» offers an additional contribution to the sustainable development and upgrading of the infrastructure and neighborhood appearance.

Together with the local team we renovate roofs, paint walls and put sanitary facilities into service. We offer active support in the completion and renovation. To have a home that offers protection and is a place of retreat, equipped with sanitary facilities that meet hygienic requirements is an elementary requirement for every home. Through my cooperation with the team of «Djunta Mon» this project profits from a well established local network. This allows to run projects successfully and ensures that the help goes where it is supposed to go.

All money collected is used directly on site for the procurement of building materials and payment of salaries to local workers. Direct aid on site enables the efficient and targeted use of financial resources.