With this project, we want to invite you into our world, a world of light and backstage, theater and drama, discipline and joy.

Not only for you to discover your own talent, whether in dancing, singing, costume design, lighting design, all disciplines you will be able to experience with us, but because we want you to become insiders. And by diving into theater secrets and tricks, ways and goals, you will feel and enjoy so much more the performances you will see from now on.

In all and each language, one can probably find a sentence like… «Out of every bad situation, some good can come»…
 We hope this last period was for you not only unreal but that it also brought something new into your life.

It did in ours. If it took away a lot of our lives as artists, we also had to discover new ways, new solutions… and realized that instead of taking away the intimacy we had in the studio with our students or from the stage with our audience, the screen was creating a new one.

That’s why I decided to invite friends of mine, people I have shared wonderful moments with on stage and outside, artists I admire for their talent and their ability to transmit their knowledge with passion and intelligence, to create this World around Performing Arts.

… so we can share it with you and meet you on the other side of the red curtain…

  • Catherine Habasque


The platform offers courses from Award-Winning International Artists from a large panel of theater professions from Ballet to Orchestra direction and Leadership, from Indian Dance to Belcanto or Lighting and Costume Design.

The project is broadly international with teachers based in 9 different countries and on 3 continents.

In alignment with its humanitarian work (Dancers For the World is also a Swiss NGO working on resilience through movement worldwide ), DFW works with teachers from all countries and conditions, high quality and creativity being the main requirement.

The project supports the artists in this hard period. On the long term, DFW & Guests will allow our humanitarian work to be independent… visit us on

The monthly membership of $ 29 (Convertible in CHF and Euros) gives access to all videos and courses.

Each teacher brings regularly new classes and more of his/her knowledge and experience to its page. Amazing new programs are also expecting to start and we are so much looking forward to bringing them to you…

And if you fall in love with one of the disciplines, the teachers are also available for online private classes… international professionals you would never reach if it wouldn’t be through the platform who will become your private mentors… isn’t that amazing?



… and we give you so much in exchange…

The pilot project exists and you can see it on https:

This is the last step for the real start of our unique project and you can be part of it in supporting the technical development, helping us make the best choices for the platform design, and maintaining the marketing activities…»

Visit uns at try, laugh, move, sing, learn, discover and experiment… we put at your disposal our years of experience and deep knowledge for you to become insiders of the theater world because we want you to understand us and fall in love with our world…

We are expecting you on the other side of the red curtain!