Wege aus der Ökokriminalität

by studiovariety.art

Vienna and Groningen

Per Anhalter, mit dem Auto, Bus, Bahn, Flugzeug oder lieber mit dem Segelboot? Eine Dokumentation über's Reisen, Hedonismus und die Spuren, die wir in der Welt damit hinterlassen.

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Successfully concluded on 19/3/2021


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Danke Paolo!:D

Tolles Projekt!

Thank you Sharron - We are thankful too for that :D

This is why travelling is so enriching and important we think. Hopefully we will be able to give options to promote the advantages and show how it can be done in a more sustainable way, rather than just sight hopping and rushing through the world by the fastest means of transportation <3

Thank you for your support :))

I am so glad that I have such friends having completely different attitudes towards life and can show me their views!