Wellness + Automation = Energy savings. A system that allows you to have the best home climate while saving energy, automatically and intelligently.


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Concluded on 9/6/2016

Wellness and energy saving

It’s enough to have the temperature we want to live comfortably a room? No! There is another fundamental factor: the humidity.

Desired temperature must match the proper degree of humidity . This is the only way to have perceived temperature equal to desired temperature.

The air purity is needed to feel good: if there is too much carbon dioxide, the air becomes heavy even causing discomfort.

So, control of temperature, humidity and carbon dioxide is fundamental. You do not have to open the windows to air out and then you will not lose energy. Finally, you save.

Our BIA system

Our BIA system allows you to obtain a high degree of wellness continuously controlling temperature, humidity and carbon dioxide level, by acting in a totally automatic way and only when it is necessary.

BIA acts as soon as it detects a tendency for the deviation from the ideal values​​, thus preventing such deviations assume large dimensions that force to consume a lot of energy to restore the proper level.

BIA concretely realizes the equation:

Wellness + Automation = Energy Efficiency

Our system is unique. We have to know it to as many people as it guarantees comfort and energy savings . For this reason we ask to finance a marketing campaign that would raise awareness of BIA , its strengths, the great benefits that entails adopting it in your home, office, shop , gym, hotel…

The system

Why do we need your help?

Help us in our project! Saving energy is good for the planet, live comfortably is good for us!

Our BIA system is useful for environment and people welfare. We need funding to make know it and spread it as much as possible, organizing meeting for demonstration events and marketing campaigns.