It is a music and video project from Carinthia, Austria. Lyrics written in Carinthian dialect. 12 pop songs about the roles of women in society and how visible they are in our data-driven world.

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This is what it's all about.

It is a music and video project from Carinthia, Southern Austria. 12 pop songs with lyrics written in Carinthian dialect. The content varies, but all are written from the perspective of a young woman. Topics include the roles of women in society, where they stand today and how visible women are in our big-data driven world. Also the roles of women in classic heterosexual relationships - which clichés have been dispelled? Their roles in same-sex relationships. Separation. Loss. Death and life.

My project is special because ...

My stories! I write the lyrics out of necessity. They work best with concise lyrics - universally understandable. Fear, anger, love, loss, grief. They are snapshots of my life and pictures of the world as I try to organize them in my head, to simplify them. Music is my outlet to express my thoughts and ideas of how I see the world, but also how the world sees me - as a woman, mother and artist. It is my wish to see more, to feel myself, to make myself noticeable. It starts with inspiration and an idea. It moves on to the lyrics, working with harmonies and melodies at the same time. Intro, verse chorus. Transitions and Bridges. The inner frame is constructed. The rhythm and mood must be defined. Then comes the arranging - which instruments, which effects. Recording. Ideas for videos. Filming. Editing. And all this work is only possible with a wonderful team. The team! The people who support me in this project are all artists you can dream with. We inspire each other, we give ourselves space to reflect, to understand and to try new things. These artists give the project its strength and validity and importance. And they give me faith in myself.

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I need your support to finish the audio production, to press the CDs and to finish the videos.