With our App named WOP you’ll be able to give away loved but unused objects locally. Let’s move our current plattform away from facebook to a self-organized App now.

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This is how it worksä

The «all or nothing» principle applies: The project only receives the funds if the funding target is reached or exceeded.

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Successfully concluded on 27/11/2021

This is what it's all about.

Do you believe in a future where we, instead of throwing things away, give them away for free?

We do not need to use platforms that use our data on a daily basis to analyse us and push us into unnecessary purchases. We have the promise of a local app development company that has convinced us through reference projects that they can implement the first version efficiently and sustainably.

Because WOP (formerly Will öpper) can be much more than a used goods platform, on which everything from three thumbtacks to a VW bus is given away. The app connects you with your neighbors and ensures that EVERYONE has access to an endless number of loved but unused objects. And it gets even better..

My project is special because ...

WOP will always be ad-free and your data will not be resold by us. The development of the app by a diverse team, the hosting and the servers used are and will remain in Switzerland. Through intuitive design and simple language, we make it possible to give access to even more people. Through the solidarity goodie, we also invite people with scarce resources to participate and thus promote inclusive action in order to move forward together. All contributions and memberships are checked by hand to ensure, that we can be as safe as possible.

WOP promotes sustainability by using the app to produce the smallest possible amount of data, for example by using photos instead of videos. By giving them away locally in your neighborhood, we can save emissions and thus protect our climate.

WOP is organized by the WOP association. In other words, we are not profit-oriented and want the community to participate in what is happening.

In order to let WOP grow sustainably, we would like to move the platform from Facebook to an independant app. In spring we will start with a first version in the city of Zurich. We are expanding the network as quickly and sustainable as possible.

But to build an app, it takes a pretty big pile of coins. This is where you come in:

This is what I need backing for.

Via wemakeit we finance the kick-off workshop and the first sprint , so we can start developing the app immediately. You can make our next two steps possible:

  • Kick Off Workshop (at CHF 5904) Together with a project team from our trusted app development company, we define the necessary functions so that we can develop the WOP app as efficiently and sustainably as possible. So your money is used where it is really needed instead of wasting it on unnecessary functions.

  • The 1st sprint (at CHF 24,904) Development will start as soon as we reach this milestone. The first screens can be built, linked and tested. So we can move on step by step.

Do you believe in a life in which you no longer need to buy your furniture in a store but at your neighbors ? Do you believe that we are stronger together?

Then support WOP now! Check out the goodies, tell your family and friends about the project and make the world thing by thing a little better .