Woofy: hotel for dogs

by Melis Ataol


Lausanne’s first dog hotel that’s designed for dogs who need gentle and loving care while their owners travel and work.

CHF 25’191

100% of CHF 25’000

100 %
This is how it worksä

The «all or nothing» principle applies: The project only receives the funds if the funding target is reached or exceeded.

139 backers

Successfully concluded on 1/12/2023


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  • Being a dog owner now I understand the need to have local help and options that are safe, reliable and with high quality standards to leave my beloved pet when I have to go to work.

    Tatijer on 1/12/2023 08:17

  • Bonne initiative, mérite d'être soutenue. Bonne chance Woofy

    shinobi on 1/12/2023 07:01

  • Will help dogs and their owners , amazing idea and trustworthy project

    Slavko on 30/11/2023 22:03

  • We love Cognac who is a great boooy!

    Slavko on 30/11/2023 22:00

  • I know Melis and her dog, she is a real dog lover and a great enterpreneur, I know she will create an amazing hotel for dogs. Being a dog owner, too, I wish to leave my Teddy in a place that I can trust when traveling.

    JanaK on 30/11/2023 08:00

  • Melis est passionnée et extrêmement compétente et je suis persuadé qu’avec Woofy, elle va amener une expérience unique et personnelle aux chiens et à leurs propriétaires.

    Fredlam on 25/11/2023 11:45

  • Super beau projet ! J’ai une petite mali, chienne de travail, qui demande pas mal de stimulation et d’attention. C’est un lieu parfait où la laisser si je dois m’absenter plus d'un jour ou une journée entière.

    Ellyot on 18/11/2023 17:50

  • Good iniative, well planned and promoted.

    Sernur on 18/11/2023 10:12

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