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Home far from home

2 and an half years ago with plenty of curiosity in our bags we ventured out on our «heart and soul» project. We stumbled across the sunburned Ukrainian steppe to Zurichtal. Dived into the sea of houses in Buenos Aires, to the slums of Villa Lugano. Visited the Irish windswept shores of New Geneva, the city that only ever exisited on paper. Or even Nova Friburgo, today’s brazilian lingerie capital. – What we encountered weren’t dream locations but 15 Swiss named towns each with it’s own fascinating story which impressed and touched us.

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For you at home

What’s the result? A book with approx. 220 pages written in German, 100 colour photos and 15 maps. The first layouts are in the making…

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We need your support!

Follow your passion, as they say. Well we did. We dived into this adventure and have financed all the research travel costs ourselves.

Thanks to numerous applications for support from cultural institutions we’ve managed to receive some pledges. However, now we are faced with sizeable costs for printing and publishing. That’s why we hope we’ve been able to catch your imagination. Enough to gain your support to help cover part of these costs.

As only with your support will we be able to publish this book. Are you with us? – It’d be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks!

Please note: The book will initially be printed in German only.