Sisters XY in the sky = Big thrill!

Let your initials fly with us!

Sisters XY are back into a new crazy adventure, riding the clouds-Big Brother is invited, disguised into a GoPro.

A compilation of videoclips will be released this autumn featuring great artists. XY can’t wait to share their thrill with your initials stuck on their outfits while flying!

 You will then receive the piece of fabric with your initials at home as a XY textile trophy, fallen from the sky!

For the first time ever, Sisters XY are testing crowdfunding.

The only way this adventure will become true is through your support.

This genuine «flying performance» will maybe take place thanks to your input!

By allowing this «XY_IN_THE_SKY» performance to happen, you will immediately become an official sponsor of the artwork mainly composed of your own initials flying with the XY Sisters and then cut out for you.

In other words, your backings will then become the artwork itself: both literally and figuratively.

Be part of the flight!