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Help us revolutionize music creation with youmozart AI! This AI-powered app creates personalized compositions. Join us on our crowdfunding journey and be part of the future of music.

CHF 10’420

208% of CHF 5’000

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The «all or nothing» principle applies: The project only receives the funds if the funding target is reached or exceeded.

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Successfully concluded on 13/3/2023

December UpdateBy youmozart, on 08/12/2023

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Dear Beloved Backers and Supporters,

We hope this message finds you well and filled with the same excitement and passion that has driven us from the beginning. Your belief in our project, formerly known as YouMozart, has been the driving force behind our journey, and today, we’re thrilled to share some incredible updates with you.

Embracing Change: From YouMozart to Moozz

We’ve embarked on a transformative journey, one that reflects the evolution and growth of our project. To avoid any confusion and provide a unique identity, we’ve decided to change our name to Moozz. This change has not only allowed us to stand out but also allowed us to trademark our brand.

A Competitive Spirit Fuels Us

In our pursuit of excellence, we encountered a competitor with a similar name. Rather than being discouraged, we saw this as an opportunity to reaffirm our commitment to offering you the best in music creation and enjoyment.

A Symphony of Innovation

Our commitment to delivering a truly exceptional experience remains unwavering. We’re thrilled to share that we are in the process of adding exciting new sounds to the app, enhancing our algorithms, and taking our music to new heights. We’ve restructured the audio of our songs to be more complex and dynamic, and this has led to extensive changes in our APIs and code.

Your Experience Matters Most

We value your support deeply, and your experience with Moozz is our top priority. As we continue to evolve our platform, these changes will enable us to offer you an even better, more immersive musical experience.

Beta Release in April: Mark Your Calendars

The most exciting news of all – we’re on track to release the beta version of Moozz this coming April! It’s a significant milestone, and we can’t wait for you to experience the magic we’ve been working so hard to create.

Your support and belief in our project have carried us through every twist and turn of this incredible journey. Together, we are building something extraordinary, and we are immensely grateful to have you by our side.

Stay tuned for more updates and get ready to be part of the musical revolution with Moozz. We believe in the power of music to inspire, and together, we will inspire the world.

With heartfelt gratitude and anticipation,

Raphael Founder, Moozz

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We are thrilled to share some significant developments regarding the project that you generously supported in its early stages. Since your invaluable contribution, we have made remarkable progress, and we want to keep you informed about the exciting updates that have taken place.

Name Change: YouMozart becomes Muzico: As part of our ongoing efforts to refine our brand identity, we have decided to rebrand the project. YouMozart will now be known as Muzico, a name that captures the essence of our vision to create a revolutionary music platform.

Incorporation of the Company: Building on the foundation you helped establish, we are delighted to announce that Muzico has been officially incorporated as a company. This significant milestone allows us to solidify our operations, expand our reach, and pursue new opportunities.

Enhancements in Speed and Quality: Our dedicated team has been tirelessly working to improve the product, and we are excited to share that we have discovered innovative ways to make Muzico faster and enhance its overall quality. Through rigorous testing and feedback integration, we are confident that Muzico will deliver an exceptional user experience.

Expansion of the Development Team: In order to accelerate our progress and ensure the timely delivery of Muzico, we are expanding our development team. By bringing on board more talented and passionate individuals, we aim to harness their expertise to push the boundaries of our music platform even further.

Revised Release Date: January: While we understand the anticipation surrounding Muzico’s release, we want to ensure that we provide you with a polished and remarkable product. After careful consideration, we have set a new estimated release date for January 2024. This additional time will enable us to fine-tune every aspect of Muzico, guaranteeing a seamless and immersive music experience for our users.

We are immensely grateful for your belief in the YouMozart project, now Muzico. Your continued support has played an instrumental role in driving our progress and enabling us to transform our vision into reality. As we approach the final stages of development, we are more determined than ever to deliver a music platform that exceeds your expectations.

Thank you once again for your unwavering support. We look forward to sharing more updates with you in the coming months and eagerly anticipate the launch of Muzico in January. Together, we will reshape the way people experience music.

Warm regards, The Muzico Team

UpdateBy youmozart, on 13/04/2023

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Dear YouMozart family,

I would like to give you an update on what’s going on behind the scenes. We received the funding a few days ago and have started implementing the app. Currently, we are improving the rendering time performance and creating a new design that looks even better than the initial version. Additionally, we are collaborating with professional musicians to help us integrate high-quality sounds.

I will update you again soon.

Best regards,

Raphael, Founder

103% erreicht!By youmozart, on 13/03/2023

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Liebe Fans, ein Investor hat uns gerade gerettet! Wir haben das Ziel sogar übertroffen! Für weitere 2 Stunden gibt es noch coole Belohnungen wie den Apéro im 5. Hotel oder andere Anlegeroptionen. Holen Sie sich Ihren, bevor die Kampagne endet.

English: Dear fans, an investor just saved us! We even exceeded the goal! For another 2 hours there are still cool rewards such as the aperitif in the 5th hotel or other investor options. Get yours before the campaign ends.

French: Chers fans, un investisseur vient de nous sauver! On a même dépassé l’objectif ! Pendant encore 2 heures, il y a encore des récompenses sympas comme l’apéritif dans le 5ème hôtel ou d’autres options d’investisseurs. Obtenez le vôtre avant la fin de la campagne.

Italian: Cari fan, un investitore ci ha appena salvati! Abbiamo anche superato l’obiettivo!. Per altre 2 ore ci sono ancora fantastiche ricompense come l’aperitivo nel 5° hotel o altre opzioni per gli investitori. Ottieni il tuo prima della fine della campagna.

Nur noch 3 Stunden. CHF 330 fehlen nochBy youmozart, on 13/03/2023

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Liebe youmozart Fans,

Uns fehlen noch CHF 330 bis um 17:00. Wer wird uns retten?

English: We are still missing CHF 330 until 5 p.m. Who will save us?

French: Il nous manque encore CHF 330 jusqu’à 17h00. qui nous sauvera?

Italian: Ci mancano ancora CHF 330 fino alle 17:00. chi ci salverà?

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Sie haben die Chance, in ein sehr innovatives Startup zu investieren. KI (Künstliche Intelligenz) ist derzeit sehr beliebt. Der Betrag Ihres Investments wird um das Fünffache multipliziert, sobald YouMozart Gewinne erzielt. Wenn Sie CHF 500 investieren, erhalten Sie CHF 2500 zurück. Bitte beachten Sie, dass keine Investition eine Rendite garantiert. Sie können Ihr Geld verlieren, haben aber die Chance auf einen grossen Gewinn. Ich kann Ihnen keine Garantien geben, biete Ihnen aber die Chance auf eine coole Investition. Bitte beachten Sie auch, dass ich keinen Zeitrahmen angeben kann, wie lange es dauern wird, bis YouMozart Gewinne erzielt. Dies kann 1 Jahr, aber auch 5 Jahre dauern.

English: You have the chance to invest in a very innovative startup. AI (Artificial Intelligence) is very popular these days. The amount of your investment will be multiplied 5 times as soon as YouMozart makes a profit. If you invest CHF 500, you get CHF 2500 back. Please note that no investment guarantees a return. You can lose your money but have a chance of winning big. I can’t give you any guarantees, but I’m offering you the chance for a cool investment. Also, please note that I cannot give a timeframe of how long it will take for YouMozart to start making profits. This can take 1 year, but also 5 years.

French: Vous avez la chance d’investir dans une startup très innovante. L’IA (Intelligence Artificielle) est très populaire de nos jours. Le montant de votre investissement sera multiplié par 5 dès que YouMozart réalisera un profit. Si vous investissez CHF 500, vous récupérez CHF 2500. Veuillez noter qu’aucun investissement ne garantit un rendement. Vous pouvez perdre votre argent mais avoir une chance de gagner gros. Je ne peux vous donner aucune garantie, mais je vous offre la possibilité d’un investissement intéressant. Veuillez également noter que je ne peux pas donner de délai pour que YouMozart commence à réaliser des bénéfices. Cela peut prendre 1 an, mais aussi 5 ans.

Italian: Hai la possibilità di investire in una startup molto innovativa. AI (Artificial Intelligence) è molto popolare in questi giorni. L’importo del tuo investimento verrà moltiplicato per 5 volte non appena YouMozart realizzerà un profitto. Se investite CHF 500, ricevete indietro CHF 2500. Si prega di notare che nessun investimento garantisce un ritorno. Puoi perdere i tuoi soldi ma avere la possibilità di vincere alla grande. Non posso darti alcuna garanzia, ma ti sto offrendo la possibilità di un investimento figo. Inoltre, tieni presente che non posso fornire un lasso di tempo di quanto tempo impiegherà YouMozart per iniziare a realizzare profitti. Questo può richiedere 1 anno, ma anche 5 anni.

Nur noch 10 Stunden. Wir brauchen dich!By youmozart, on 13/03/2023

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Wir haben noch 10 Stunden und noch 13% vor uns. Suche nach weiteren Belohnungen und lass dieses Projekt Wirklichkeit werden. Gemeinsam können wir noch erreichen!

English: We have 10 hours left and still have 12% to go. Look for more rewards and make this project a reality.

French: Il nous reste 10 heures et il nous reste encore 12 % à faire. Cherchez plus de récompenses et faites de ce projet une réalité.

Italian: Abbiamo 10 ore rimanenti e abbiamo ancora il 12% da percorrere. Cerca altri premi e trasforma questo progetto in realtà.

Nur noch 24h!By youmozart, on 12/03/2023

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Liebe Youmozart Fans!

Wir haben nur noch 24h Zeit und es fehlen uns noch 13%. Du kannst uns helfen indem du z.B. weitere Belohnungen buchst oder Freunde dazu motivierst das Projekt zu unterstützen.

Ps: Mein Tipp: AI Apero (5 Sterne Hotel)



English: Dear Youmozart fans!

We only have 24 hours left and we are still 13% short. You can help us, e.g. Book more rewards or motivate friends to support the project.

French: Chers fans de Youmozart ! Il ne nous reste que 24 heures et il nous manque encore 13 %. Vous pouvez nous aider, par ex. Réservez plus de récompenses ou motivez vos amis à soutenir le projet.

Italian: Cari fan di Youmozart! Abbiamo solo 24 ore rimaste e siamo ancora a corto del 13%. Puoi aiutarci, ad es. Prenota più premi o motiva gli amici a sostenere il progetto.


UNLOCK LEOPARD REWARD NOWBy youmozart, on 11/03/2023

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Diese Belohnung gibt dir drei Wochen früheren Zugang zur App als anderen!

English: This reward will give you access to the app three weeks before others!

Italian: Questa ricompensa ti darà l’accesso all’app tre settimane prima degli altri!

French: Cette récompense vous donnera accès à l’application trois semaines avant les autres!

Last Hours! We still need your help!By youmozart, on 11/03/2023

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Deutsch: Liebe YouMozart-Fans,

Ich möchte Euch daran erinnern, dass unsere Crowdfunding-Kampagne in wenigen Stunden endet und wir unser Ziel noch nicht erreicht haben. Wir benötigen Eure Unterstützung, um sicherzustellen, dass das Projekt verwirklicht wird.

Es gibt noch viele Möglichkeiten, wie Ihr uns helfen könnt, unser Ziel zu erreichen. Wenn Ihr bereits eine Belohnung ausgewählt habt, könnt Ihr weitere Belohnungen buchen, um uns noch mehr zu unterstützen. Oder wenn Ihr Freunde habt, die auch YouMozart-Fans sind, könnt Ihr sie ermutigen, sich ebenfalls an der Kampagne zu beteiligen. Jeder Beitrag zählt und bringt uns näher an unser Ziel.

Wir sind sehr dankbar für Eure Unterstützung in den letzten Tagen und für die vielen Spenden, die wir bereits erhalten haben. Aber wir benötigen noch mehr Hilfe, um dieses Projekt zum Erfolg zu führen. Ihr könnt auch unsere Social-Media-Beiträge teilen und uns helfen, das Wort zu verbreiten, damit wir unser Ziel erreichen können.

Vielen Dank für Eure Unterstützung und Begeisterung für YouMozart. Lasst uns zusammenarbeiten, um dieses großartige Projekt zum Leben zu erwecken!

Beste Grüsse,


English: Dear YouMozart fans,

I wanted to quickly remind you that our crowdfunding campaign will end in a few hours and we still haven’t reached our goal. We need your support to ensure that the project comes to life.

There are still many ways you can help us reach our goal. If you have already chosen a reward, you can book additional rewards to support us even more. Or if you have friends who are also YouMozart fans, you can encourage them to join the campaign too. Every contribution counts and brings us closer to our goal.

We are truly grateful for your support over the past few days and for the many donations we have already received. But we need more help to make this project a success. You can also share our social media posts and help spread the word so that we can reach our goal.

Thank you for your support and enthusiasm for YouMozart. Let’s work together to bring this amazing project to life!

Best regards,


French: Chers fans de YouMozart,

Je voulais vous rappeler rapidement que notre campagne de financement participatif se termine dans quelques heures et que nous n’avons toujours pas atteint notre objectif. Nous avons besoin de votre soutien pour faire vivre le projet.

Il y a encore de nombreuses façons dont vous pouvez nous aider à atteindre notre objectif. Si vous avez déjà choisi une récompense, vous pouvez réserver des récompenses supplémentaires pour nous soutenir encore plus. Ou si vous avez des amis qui sont également fans de YouMozart, vous pouvez les encourager à se joindre à la campagne. Chaque contribution compte et nous rapproche de notre objectif.

Nous sommes vraiment reconnaissants de votre soutien au cours des derniers jours et des nombreuses donations que nous avons déjà reçues. Mais nous avons besoin de plus d’aide pour faire de ce projet un succès. Vous pouvez également partager nos publications sur les réseaux sociaux et nous aider à diffuser le mot pour que nous puissions atteindre notre objectif.

Merci pour votre soutien et votre enthousiasme pour YouMozart. Travaillons ensemble pour donner vie à ce projet incroyable !



Italian: Cari fan di YouMozart,

Volevo ricordarvi velocemente che la nostra campagna di crowdfunding terminerà tra poche ore e non abbiamo ancora raggiunto il nostro obiettivo. Abbiamo bisogno del vostro sostegno per far vivere il progetto.

Ci sono ancora molte modi in cui potete aiutarci a raggiungere il nostro obiettivo. Se avete già scelto una ricompensa, potete prenotare ricompense aggiuntive per sostenerci ancora di più. O se avete amici che sono anche fan di YouMozart, potete incoraggiarli a partecipare alla campagna. Ogni contributo conta e ci avvicina al nostro obiettivo.

Siamo davvero grati per il vostro sostegno negli ultimi giorni e per le molte donazioni che abbiamo già ricevuto. Ma abbiamo bisogno di più aiuto per rendere questo progetto un successo. Potete anche condividere i nostri post sui social media e aiutarci a diffondere la voce in modo che possiamo raggiungere il nostro obiettivo.

Grazie per il vostro sostegno e entusiasmo per YouMozart. Lavoriamo insieme per dare vita a questo incredibile progetto!

Cordiali saluti,


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Deutsch: YouMozart Apero in einem 5-Sterne-Hotel Diese Belohnung ist dein Ticket zum YouMozart Apero, bei dem wir zusammen in einem 5-Sterne-Hotel in Zürich entspannen und etwas trinken können. Wir werden nicht nur auf das zurückblicken, was während der wemakeit-Kampagne passiert ist, sondern ich werde dir auch meine Geschichte und die Motivation für dieses Projekt erzählen. Und das ist noch nicht alles! Du hast auch die Möglichkeit, die Beta-Version auf meinem persönlichen Telefon auszuprobieren!

English: YouMozart Apero at a 5-star hotel This reward is your ticket to the YouMozart Apero, where we can relax and have a drink together at a 5-star hotel in Zurich. We will not only look back at what happened during the wemakeit campaign, but I will also share my story and the motivation for this project with you. And that’s not all! You will also have the opportunity to test out the beta version on my personal phone.

French: Apero YouMozart dans un hôtel 5 étoiles Cette récompense est votre billet pour l’Apero YouMozart, où nous pourrons nous détendre et prendre un verre ensemble dans un hôtel 5 étoiles à Zurich. Nous ne nous contenterons pas de revenir sur ce qui s’est passé pendant la campagne wemakeit, mais je vous ferai également part de mon histoire et de la motivation derrière ce projet. Et ce n’est pas tout ! Vous aurez également l’occasion de tester la version bêta sur mon téléphone personnel!

Italian: Aperitivo YouMozart in un hotel a 5 stelle Questa ricompensa è il tuo biglietto per l’Aperitivo YouMozart, dove possiamo rilassarci e prendere un drink insieme in un hotel a 5 stelle a Zurigo. Non solo ripasseremo quanto accaduto durante la campagna wemakeit, ma ti racconterò anche la mia storia e la motivazione per questo progetto. E non è tutto! Avrai anche l’opportunità di testare la versione beta sul mio telefono personale!

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Deutsch: Du hast die Chance, in ein sehr innovatives Startup zu investieren. KI (Künstliche Intelligenz) ist derzeit sehr beliebt. Der Betrag deines Investments wird um das Vierfache multipliziert, sobald YouMozart Gewinne erzielt. Wenn du CHF 250 investierst, erhältst du CHF 1.000 zurück. Bitte beachte, dass keine Investition eine Rendite garantiert. Du kannst dein Geld verlieren, hast aber die Chance auf einen großen Gewinn. Ich kann dir keine Garantien geben, biete dir aber die Chance auf eine coole Investition. Bitte beachte auch, dass ich keinen Zeitrahmen angeben kann, wie lange es dauern wird, bis YouMozart Gewinne erzielt. Dies kann 1 Jahr, aber auch 5 Jahre dauern.

English: You have a chance to invest in a very innovative startup. AI (Artificial Intelligence) is very popular now. The amount of your investment will be multiplied by 4 once YouMozart starts making money. So, if you invest CHF 250, you will get CHF 1,000 in return. Keep in mind that no investment guarantees a return. You may lose your money but have the chance to make a big profit. I cannot give you any guarantees but offer you a chance for a cool investment. Please note that I cannot provide a timeline for when YouMozart will make a profit. It could be 1 year or up to 5 years.

French: Vous avez la chance d’investir dans une start-up très innovante. L’IA (intelligence artificielle) est très populaire maintenant. Le montant de votre investissement sera multiplié par 4 une fois que YouMozart commencera à faire des profits. Ainsi, si vous investissez CHF 250, vous obtiendrez CHF 1’000 en retour. Gardez à l’esprit qu’aucun investissement ne garantit un retour sur investissement. Vous pouvez perdre votre argent mais avez la chance de réaliser un gros bénéfice. Je ne peux vous donner aucune garantie mais vous offre une chance pour un investissement cool. Veuillez noter que je ne peux pas vous donner de délai quant à la durée qu’il faudra à YouMozart pour faire des profits. Cela peut prendre 1 an mais aussi 5 ans.

Italian: Hai la possibilità di investire in una start-up molto innovativa. L’AI (Intelligenza Artificiale) è molto popolare ora. L’importo del tuo investimento verrà moltiplicato per 4 una volta che YouMozart inizierà a fare soldi. Quindi, se investi CHF 250, otterrai CHF 1.000 in cambio. Tieni presente che nessun investimento garantisce un rendimento. Puoi perdere il tuo denaro, ma hai la possibilità di fare un grosso profitto. Non posso darti alcuna garanzia ma ti offro l’opportunità di un investimento interessante. Non posso fornirti una tempistica su quanto tempo YouMozart impiegherà per fare profitto. Potrebbe essere 1 anno ma anche 5 anni.

UNLOCK Premium Sounds (Only 10 Licenses)By youmozart, on 09/03/2023

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unlock now premium sounds
unlock now premium sounds


Hallo liebe Crowdfunding-Unterstützer,

ich freue mich, dir mitteilen zu können, dass unser neues Paket namens Premium-Sounds gerade auf begrenzter Basis veröffentlicht wurde. Mit diesem Paket hast du Zugriff auf eine Bibliothek spezieller Musikkomponenten und Effekte, mit denen du einzigartige und professionelle Musikkompositionen erstellen kannst. Beachte aber bitte, dass nur 10 Lizenzen für dieses Paket verfügbar sind. Wenn du interessiert bist, empfehle ich dir, deine Lizenz jetzt zu aktivieren und mit der Erstellung von fantastischen Musikkompositionen zu starten!

Vielen Dank für deine anhaltende Unterstützung.

Beste Grüsse, Raphael


Dear crowdfunding backers, We are excited to announce that our new package, Premium Sounds, has just been released on a limited basis. This package offers a library of special music components and effects that will allow you to create unique and professional music compositions. However, please note that only 10 licenses are available for this package. So, if you’re interested, we encourage you to unlock your license now and start creating amazing music compositions! Thank you for your continued support. Best regards, Raphael


Cari sostenitori del crowdfunding,

siamo lieti di annunciare che il nostro nuovo pacchetto, Suoni Premium, è stato appena rilasciato in modo limitato. Questo pacchetto offre una libreria di componenti musicali speciali ed effetti che ti consentiranno di creare composizioni musicali uniche e professionali. Tuttavia, si prega di notare che solo 10 licenze sono disponibili per questo pacchetto. Quindi, se sei interessato, ti incoraggiamo a sbloccare subito la tua licenza e iniziare a creare fantastiche composizioni musicali!

Grazie per il tuo continuo sostegno.

Cordiali saluti, Raphael


Chers contributeurs du crowdfunding,

Nous sommes heureux de vous annoncer que notre nouveau package, Sons Premium, vient d’être publié dans une édition limitée. Ce package offre une bibliothèque de composants musicaux spéciaux et d’effets qui vous permettront de créer des compositions musicales uniques et professionnelles. Cependant, veuillez noter que seules 10 licences sont disponibles pour ce package. Si vous êtes intéressé, nous vous encourageons donc à débloquer votre licence dès maintenant et à commencer à créer d’incroyables compositions musicales !

Merci pour votre soutien continu.

Cordialement, Raphael

4 days left - We need your supportBy youmozart, on 08/03/2023

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Dear youmozart Family!

Thank you so much helping me. Together we raised 73%! But to make youmozart a reality we still need 27% until this sunday!

How you can help in the next 4 days:

  • Talk to your family and friends about youmozart and motivate them to support you as a youmozart fan
  • Share the wemakeit project site on your social media asking your followers for help
  • If you know any influencer you can ask them for help us too
  • write your best friends a whatsapp message with the wemakeit link to support
  • Be creative, together we can do it!

I will update the youmozart family in 48h again with the news.

Lets rock together?

Raphael Founder