The Nice Magazine - Young Collaborative Storytelling from Katlehong, South Africa

We are back with a new issue of Nice Magazine! Following the previous successful editions from Pemba, Mozambique (2016) and Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire (2018), this third Nice issue features young creatives from Katlehong, a township in the east of Johannesburg in South Africa. Contributing creatives reflect on different forms of urban street culture, media and fashion and share their thoughts on unemployment, drugs and informal economies, on heritage, identity and migration.

The publication comes in a new design and offers a unique and thought-provoking glimpse at everyday life within particular spaces of the township Katlehong. The creative work of our young contributors highlight the webs of histories, politics, styles, cultural productions, aesthetic vocabularies and identifications that distinguish the urban spaces in which they live.

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Our project is special because ...

Between past and future, analogue and digital, Nice shares and supports the voice of young Africans from city to city.

Content and the overall appearance of Nice have been developed as part of a collaborative effort between the contributors in South Africa and Klaym, a creative collective co-founded by Côte d’Ivoire-raised Swiss photographer, Flurina Rothenberger. In different workshops the young participants from Katlehong exchanged about technical aspects of photography, storytelling, creative writing, printing techniques, zine production etc.. They all gained know-how that will further their individual careers.

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This is what we need backing for...

As a team and in tight collaboration with one another we have worked tirelessly for a year to put this amazing content together, edit and design it. Now the magazine is ready for print! We need your support in this final step of putting these amazing stories of our contributors from Katlehong on paper and distributing them over the globe. With your generous backing this issue of Nice Magazine can be released starting October 2019 and will be shipped to you and the rest of the world.
Ngiyabonga! Thank You from your Nice team in Katlehong and Zurich.