Younited Cultures – Let’s celebrate diversity

With the money we raise we will finance the first production of this colorful YC scarf, meant to be a symbol of celebrating cultural diversity. Everyone who wears the YC scarf is a supporter of the vision: to celebrate migration.

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Imagine a world in which migration is celebrated, a world in which everyone is expected to achieve success and to contribute to a better society. Here we could see immigrants for what they really are: amazing individuals with inspiring life stories, skilled, creative, motivated and driven by positive intentions and strong ambitions.

This is the world we are aiming for, in which the stories we tell and the articles we read give us courage. Courage to be more tolerant, courage to expect the best of each other, courage to collaborate and courage to make use of our cultural background to achieve a better future.


We need to start telling our stories better and to showcase the added value immigrants are bringing. In short, we need more PR for immigration and for the millions of immigrants out there. To achieve this, we are interviewing immigrants and transforming their stories into beautifully designed scarves. Each scarf tells a story.

The first step is to create a symbol for our movement and to bring together everyone who wants to contribute. The colorful YC scarf stands for unity, cheerfulness and the beauty of diversity. It is a symbol for everyone who believes that cultures should coexist and be celebrated. Each color represents a different culture. Together we form Younited Cultures. Be part of it!

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To join this movement, we invite you to:

  • Spread our campaign to your friends and family
  • Here you find: our Facebook page and our website
  • Suggest us different ways to bring out the positive side of migration
  • Choose one of the rewards:

Together we can manage to turn immigration around, into a reason for celebration.

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Our plans for the future are:

  • Collect a minimum of 8 more stories this year, each one with their own limited editions scarves
  • Collect more and more stories on our blog and work to transform these into an actual newspaper, distributed in large cities
  • Represent the positive side of migration and empower people to share their positive stories
  • Organize workshops to encourage people to discover their cultural heritage and how they can use it to achieve success.

Join us!

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Who we are – Andra and Iulia