Wooow, we have reached the goal!By Younited Cultures, on 5/5/2015 16:33


With a lot of gratitude in our hearts and minds, we celebrate you!

You, who helped us make it so far! You, who think migrants deserve a better image! You, who we will from now on call a change maker and a social innovator.

Two more days to go, we still hope to have 100 backers, because the money is only part of what we hoped from this crowdfunding.

But you made our day and we can’t wait to deliver to you in the following days.

Cheering for you, with the noise of 100 people, (so excited we can’t even hi5)

Andra & Iulia

BIIIIG Congrats!!!!!

New reward as you helped us achieve this much...By Younited Cultures, on 2/5/2015 17:41


Thanks to your support during the crowdfunding campaign…

We are very close not only to achieving our goals, but we also achieved some great milestones for improving the image of immigrants!

In April, we had appearances in newspapers such as Kurier and magazines such as Wiener Vielfalt and the online version of Wienerin. Our first appearance abroad was in Emotion magazine in Germany, the April edition.

For May, you can read about us in Wienerin and Woman, the print versions, and also hear us at FM4. With this, we have achieved our goals of presenting that it is cool to be an immigrant.

Further achievements were becoming partners with Social City Wien on the Wiener Jugend-Friedenspreises and being selected as one of the Austrian start-ups in the enpact international mentoring program which will take us to Egypt, Germany and Tunisia.

On Tuesday we will have a 90 seconds pitch at the opening of the new space of the Impact Hub Vienna and in November we will be speaking in Reims, France, during the International Start-Up Meeting.

With this occasion we have added a new reward in our crowdfunding campaign, which will enable us to spend more time with you: A Romanian home-made dinner, to discover tasty food but also inspiring stories of immigrants.

Thank you for helping us achieve our goal, to have 100 real supporters for our project!

Mother's day giftBy Younited Cultures, on 23/4/2015 20:59

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Dear friends, we have some great news from the production site!

90 pieces of our scarfs will be packaged and ready to be sent before the 7th of May to you, so that you can offer a very special gift to the dearest person in your life.

We hope you are as excited as we are, especially because we will also have some extra pieces of the Adela scarf available: 100% silk, made in Austria, drawn by hand, 160x80 cm – and giving you the amazing story of Adela Kuliga.

Thank you for your support and we hope you also love YC!


«The story of YC is in fact one Austria can be proud of»By Younited Cultures, on 18/4/2015 12:09

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After more than a week of crowdfunding, we are catching the attention of the Austrian media. Here is an article about us in the WIENERIN magazine, calling Younited Cultures a story Austria can be proud of.

We’re very excited for the support and for helping us discover beautiful stories and create inspiring fashion.

The large YC scarfBy Younited Cultures, on 16/4/2015 14:54

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Good news! We recieved the samples for the large scarf, size 160 x 60. Here are some pictures of it!

Thank you for your support and let’s make it happen!