The turbulent adventures of the ancient Roman bar owner Barrelius, his Germanic family, as well as some of the house slaves, regulars and legionnaires – INCLUDING YOU.

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You as the secret star of a real TV sitcom

Do you know «Plebs,» a enjoyable TV series about three ancient teens in Roman occupied Britain?

No? A pity, you might like (google it later, it’s worth it!).

But surely you’ve seen «The Life of Brian» by Monty Python?

Yes? Well!

This gives you a perfect idea of where we are right now. Namely in the middle of Roman antiquity! But not in the splendid Rome, the seat of the Emperor, oh no … but unfortunately only in Losertium.

Losertium? Never heard? No wonder, because Losertium is just a small provincial town on the outermost edge of the Roman border, the Limes … in the unpleasant reach of the Germanic barbarians … definitely on the Culus * of the Roman Empire.

(* Culus is a Latin word, as you are well known, and denotes the certain place at the end of your back that the sun never laughs at)

Right here in Losertium plays our upcoming TV sitcom MY MANIAC MANSIO.

The individual episodes of this TV series, which is based on the ancient daily life, revolve around the turbulent adventures of the ancient Roman bar owner Barrelius, his weird Germanic family and a few regulars, slaves and legionnaires - YOU CAN ALSO COUNT.

(* Note to the insiders: A «Mansio» is a hostel for overland travelers in Roman antiquity, with tavern, legionnaire base, lodgings, brothel, workshops, stables)

And because we invented, defied and wrote MY MANIAC MANSIO not for the drawer, but for all the screens in the world, we’re submitting our project to a major European TV series festival in the fall of 2019.

There we want to introduce MY MANIAC MANSIO to the talent scouts and purchasers of TV stations and production companies and ultimately sell them (= money for food, housing, clothes, taxi, dentist & tax office).

If all goes well, the first season of MY MANIAC MANSIO will then be produced in the following one to two years and aired on television and other media channels - worldwide.

So the plan!

Of course we have strong competition - at TV Festivals, hundreds of projects are submitted at the same time. And only a handful of them will enter the finals and will be presented live in front of professionals from all over the world. Keep your fingers crossed (and YOU!)!

The pictures and the videos that we show you here today are intended only to give you a first impression of our project and spring from the world premiere of our self-written and staged antique play, which we will perform at the great Roman Festival in August of Augusta Raurica / Kaiseraugst in Switzerland have successfully presented.

The topic and title of these performances, which were quite enjoyable for us in front of a total of probably thousands of spectators, was «A Roman Slave Auction». The press report of a large Swiss medium can be found as a link below. In 2019 we are likely to see this program again in Augusta Raurica.

Worlds first TV sitcom also in latin

This makes us the world’s first TV sitcom «in Latin». Of course, this is also a product advantage not to be underestimated on the superbrutal content market and, above all, a real asset in marketing for the series as well.

For this purpose, we work together with associations of old philologists from all the successor states of the former Roman Empire, turn directly to the European high schools and universities, speak with quality media and news channels.

Our mission: The unifying European cultural language Latin, above all, should be made palatable to future users - ie current pupils.

And because the verdict of teenagers is generally merciless ;-) this works best with good conversation, in our case, with a TV sitcom.

The fact that we move a bit away from the «classics» of the education canon is in the nature of things - we make television (even if the series is then retrieved via a streaming service, for example).

But of course in school teaching famous antiquarian authors such as Tacitus, Ovid, Celsus or Ammianus Marcellinus continue their legitimacy (Julius Caesar plays by the way also with MY MANIAC MANSIO - but as a living marble bust, which gives only mimic and, unfortunately, completely ignored comments).

Your help is also your big chance

The submission of our project at the preferred TV series festival is free, but it requires time-consuming and financially costly preparatory work, so that the application has an honest chance.

In the coming weeks and months we will design and finally shoot a 2min festival promotion trailer for MY MANIAC MANSIO. In parallel, we will discuss with historians the designs of the set. Furthermore, translate the required and quite extensive written documents for submission to the festival into English. At the same time polish the script and translate at least parts of it (hey, not every gag works in all languages of the world!). Also discussing the project with veteran comedy veterans (John Cleese!). And, of course, to negotiate legally elaborated investment contracts with interested co-production partners and now and then.

Logically, some of these things are easy to do and do not cause any significant cash costs, but it is clear that a (albeit small) team of actors, cinematographers, technicians, plus directors and scribes do not simply design, organize and perform a complex turnaround can be paid without studio rental, tickets, external fees, bed & breakfast. For all these costs, I have a budget of just under € 20,000 calculated - a lot of money.

That is why we invite you to actively support the realization of MY MANIAC MANSIO - and at the same time to write down a pleasurable piece of film history.

The smaller rewards offered by us bring you in one way or another the sensual sensuous or give you an insight into our work.

The heart of our offer, however, is the unique opportunity to become a member of the production team or even the acting of the antique TV sitcom MY MANIAC MANSIO.

Do you want to work with us to create a new TV series that will make the world funnier, more beautiful and more interesting? Here is our hand! Hit - and then you can start with the first rehearsals ;-).


PS: If you have friends or acquaintances who would like to get a taste of TV or love to support a relevant project, please forward our link to them. Deal?

Acknowledgment: All shown pictures and excerpts of videos were shot by the lovely Sugentha Thangaraja and generously provided (Attention: Copyright). We would also like to thank all the participants of our legendary theatrical performances as well as other actors of the Roman festival in Augusta Raurica, whose likeness is published in the framework of this project.

  • Reward: Your Antique Bath Towel (1)
    Reward: Your Antique Bath Towel (1)
  • Reward: Your Antique Bath Towel (2)
    Reward: Your Antique Bath Towel (2)
  • Reward: Your Antique Bath Towel (3)
    Reward: Your Antique Bath Towel (3)