A Circus project for and with young people from socially disadvantaged backgrounds in Poland, Rumania, Turkey. Win self-confidence and confidence in others!

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Successfully concluded on 11/8/2013

In Short

We are a bunch of international circus-artists who like to use and share there diverse abilities. On our tour through Europe, which will take 2 months, we want to use our passion to overcome language and cultural borders and work, live and grow together with young people from social disantvanteged backgrounds. On our journey we will visit partner-projects, festivals and social institutions in Poland, Ukraine, Romania and Turkey. Budget is short and the documentation of the project essential for this and future projects. You and your contribution will help us to finance the technics for our project. We and the young people we meet on our way say THANKS!!

We want

Through our common passion for contemporary circus art we want to show how to overcome cultural and linguistic barriers and create something from scratch together – different abilities do not mean an obstacle but rather an enrichment. We want to promote not only circus art, but also an alternative and innovative approach to movement and free-time activities as well as the development and realization of ideas.

We are

Zirkrobajka is an international group of young artists from Germany, Poland, Spain, Rumania and Turkey. All members of Zirkrobajka are active in contemporary circus art on a semiprofessional level. Most of us are involved in local circus, juggling or performance groups like Juggling Cluj (Rumania), Circulum e.V. (Germany) or Kabile (Turkey).

As we come from different countries and thus have different cultural and social backgrounds we also want to promote tolerance and comprehension. This should not only be made possible within the group, but also with other groups and persons while traveling through different countries and contexts.

We share

We all share the same passion, which is circus art, nevertheless everyone has her or his own specialization in something, e.g. juggling, dancing, clowning, theatre or acrobatics. Thanks to that we have the chance to learn from each other as well as share our knowledge with others.

All members of Zirkrobajka have several years of experience in the realm of circus, theatre and performance and in the pedagogical context. We want to exchange and change these experience with others. The variety of our specializations enable us to provide a diversified program. In addition, most of us have already been working with kids and young people at activities of circus pedagogy or mentoring.

Our journey

On our journey we want to visit partner projects in Poland, the Carpatian mountains and West Turkey from the beginning of August until the end of September. A special focus is set on cooperating with young people from marginal regions or socially disadvantaged backgrounds. They can learn basics of circus art, win self-confidence and confidence in others as well as get the opportunity to an exchange with young people outside their regional context.

Evaluate and grow

After every station we will do an evaluation of our actions and the cooperation with the participants of the partner project and their mentors. The mentors will have the possibility to fill out anonymous questionnaires, the kids can give their opinion through playful methods of circus pedagogy.

Your money

With the money, you donate, we try to finance the technic, we need do document our journey. The documentation of the project is essential to get support and money for future projects. The video and photo material will be also used in further workshops. Another important side-effect of having a aesthetic document is to share all our experience with the people who participated, helped and are interested in our work, the people and places we met and saw. We are semi-professional movie-makers and artist…with high passion and little money. Technic is expensive, but important. The money you donate will be used to buy one camera (approximately 700€) and one sound-recording device (300€). All the money that exceeds the final amount of 1000 € will be used for hard-discs, a mricrophone and the production of DVDs to send to all the people we met.

Thanks for reading and helping!!