Zorra passed the selections to become a therapy dog and attend the courses. She will bring joy and well-being to sick, handicaped, old people and children too. Would you give us a hand?

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This is how it worksä

The «all or nothing» principle applies: The project only receives the funds if the funding target is reached or exceeded.

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Successfully concluded on 26/12/2018

The Story

Zorra is a small 3 years old dog, Bichon crossed and from an unknown father. She is very soft, sociable and nice. A little fearful of other dogs, she absolutely loves poeple, playing, petting and rubbing herself against people’s legs like a cat.

On Nov. 15th, she was invited to pass the ability tests to check if she could become a therapy dog. They tested her obedience, behaviour and sociability. Then they let us know she could enroll for the following step, that’s the courses. There will be 3 courses next year, the first one being in February.

I am so happy of this result. Since I’ve had Zorra, I spent a lot of time educating, socializing and playing with her. I always had the hope to have an activity with her that makes sense and that could bring something positive.

By becoming a therapy dog, Zorra will bring joy, softness and well-being to sick, handicapped, old people and to children as well.

  • Zorra playing with a baby
    Zorra playing with a baby
  • Zorra playing with her heart
    Zorra playing with her heart
  • Zorra posing on a walk
    Zorra posing on a walk

This is what I need backing for

The tests, courses and visits in old people’s homes and other establishments, are organized by Chiens de Coeur. It is an association that lives out of memberships and donations.

To be able to participate to the courses and visits after we pass the exams, Zorra and I have to pay the membership, the courses and other charges related to visits. We have to be up-to-date, meaning I have to keep up-to-date, with Zorra’s worm and ticks treatments as well as vaccinations. Moreover, Zorra has a health insurance that should take in most of her medical care charges; except when it has to do with her genetic eye disease.

As of now I can’t financially afford this process. That is why I need some help. I really want to go through the whole process and to take Zorra to those places so she can bring the joy and well-being to those in need.

A big thank you for your support.

In case we go over the funding goal, all of the money will be used for Zorra, her health, her food, her well-being. This is a promise.

  • Joanie and Zorra
    Joanie and Zorra
  • Ability tests at the Vernand Foundation
    Ability tests at the Vernand Foundation

The counterparts

The Zorra socks, one size fits 34 to 42. Of cours I haven’t knitted them and they are made in China, but aren’t they just cute? (check pictures below).

A picture of your dog, with or without you, on Zorra’s Facebook page with a thank you note.

A walk with Zorra in Lausanne, or a meeting in case of bad weather, with petting, playing and probably cat-like leg-rubbing. And a souvenir picture of course that will be published on her website and Facebook page.

An interview on Zorra’s new blog with a picture. You will be interviewed in Lausanne, or by phone or email, about your relationship and habits with your pet. The article will be published on Zorra’s website and shared on her Facebook page with a picture of you and your pet.

A visit to an old people’s home or a school (one class), another establishement is also possible, please ask. The visit will last 45 minutes maximum, as this is very stressful and needs a lot of enegry from Zorra. According to the distance (and therefore the public transport fees), I have created 2 counterparts. I will come with Zorra to Swiss and nearby French locations, she is used to public transport. Each visit will be written about in Zorra’s blog with pictures. Both of these counterparts will only be valid after Zorra passes all courses and becomes a certified therapy dog. Thank you for your understanding.

You would like Zorra socks and a picture, a walk or a visit? Add 9 CHF per wished pair of socks to your pledge. For example, you choose a class visit at 180 CHF, there are 20 students who will get a pair of Zorra socks, add 180 CHF (20x9), the total of your pledge will then be 360 CHF.

If, by unfortunate circumstances, Zorra is not authorized to attend the following courses or if she fails the certifications:

  • the added socks will be mailed,
  • and I promise to use all of the money for Zorra only, her health, her food and well-being.
  • Zorra socks 1
    Zorra socks 1
  • Zorra socks 2
    Zorra socks 2
  • Zorra's Facebook page
    Zorra's Facebook page