The Bead Factory Aitong

The Bead Factory

Aim of the project

The Bead Factory is a project aiming to create work opportunities for the marginalized Masai Women in the Masai Mara ecosystem. The Mara is the jewel in the crown of Kenya’s wildlife tourism and attracts thousands of Safari tourists every year.

The village Aitong is situated on the northern border of the National Game Reserve and is surrounded by six private conservancies. Despite the substantial economic value of the reserve and those conservancies the residents are still critically limited to meagre incomes to their households. Consequently this has led to demographic changes affecting a population estimated at 5000 people living in Aitong. Women in this community are the most affected ones, for this, we want to empower 15 Maasai Women who are out of engagement and give them the chance to do beautiful beadwork. It also contributes to the maintenance of their cultural values.

Why we need your support

With your support we would like to raise a total of 6500 Swiss Francs, which will allow us to buy 150kg of beads. This will create permanent work for 15 motivated Masai Mamas during two years. They will also get a three days workshop on basic business management, color education, quality beadwork and environmental conservation. The finished beads products will be sold to camps and tourists, whereby the Mama who beaded the item will get 70% of the price and the remaining 30% will be used to maintain the project, buying new materials.

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Your reward

As a reward you will get a beautiful beaded product, specially done by our women, whereby you will chose the design, color and size as we want you to get a special an unique present.

The rewards will be produced in Kenya and brought to Switzerland. From there I will distribute and send the presents to all of you. The shipping costs will be covered by the Mara Discovery Centre.