Our programme consists of 165 celebration days, each of which will be dedicated to one of the 165 most important Dadaist, and shall be complemented by the exhibition «Obsession Dada».

Support us in making this exhibition happen and you will receive in return a free holiday allowing you to orgiastically devote yourself to the useless and to the birds, to celebrate the nothingness. Display your behavioural problems, do nothing.

Special exhibition «Obsession Dada»

Swiss curator Harald Szeemann (1933-2005) dedicated himself to art and exhibition making in an obsessive manner. Many of his exhibitions focused on Dada or its offspring. In collaboration with artist Una Szeemann we will comb through the archives of Harald Szeemann at Getty Museum in Los Angeles to track down this obsession of his and develop an exhibition and a publication (Opening: 5 February 2016).

For the realisation of this exhibition we are still lacking CHF 100’000 which we are trying to finance by this campaign. We depend on your support to realize this very special exhibition.

We need you!

By supporting this campaign, you do not only help us in making our project happen, by doing so, you help yourself: You secure for yourself a day dedicated to the nothingness while actively contributing to an orgiastic programme of happenings, actions, parties, events, exhibitions and publications.

We offer you nothing. But you will be given a personal holiday dedicated to the nothingness – annually.

We dedicate one day to each of the 165 Dadaists whose biographies and works we researched and published in 2013. Be part of this legendary happening and enjoy your personal holiday. Not on Easter or on 1 May when everyone else does too, celebrate your very own personal holiday. Do nothing, be useless, it’s the only thing that will really change the world.

165 Dadaists: 165 Celebration Days

The 165 days of celebration at the occasion of the 100th anniversary of Dada are meant to become a legendary event, a gesture of gladiators, similar to the original Cabaret Voltaire – a reproduction of a legendary time allowing artists and audience to act out their obsessions.

We categorize the 165 Dadaists we dedicated a day to into Über-Dadas, Dada Presidents and Dada Soldiers. Any day of celebration can become yours and there are more goodies too. Choose your favourite Dadaist from the following categories:

  • The Über-Dadas

The Über-Dadas consist of renowned personalities such as Albert Einstein, Charlie Chaplin, Buster Keaton, Lenin or Sigmund Freund. In case you decide for one of the Über-Dada-days, you will be surprised by a happening dedicated to the Über-Dada you chose: We assist you in analysing your dreams, take you to the casino or we will help you to discover your talent in boxing.

  • The Dada Presidents

The Dada Presidents among Marcel Duchamp, Sophie Taeuber Arp, Tristan Tzara, Hannah Höch, André Breton, Dada Baroness or Francis Picabia formed the core of Dada and are responsible for its ideas and concept.

  • The Dada Soldiers and Ober-Dadas

These two categories are summed up to the Dada Soldiers. They represent Dadaist cities such as Paris, New York, Berlin and, of course, Zurich.

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The Dada Bank doubles each amount

Each day the Dada Bank of the association Dada100Zuerich2016 doubles the total amount of the past 24h. It will do so until the goal of CHF 100’000 is reached and by doing so, the Dada Bank cooperates with you to help making this special exhibition happen.

«Please accept Dada as a gift from us» (Richard Huelsenbeck)