Who are we?

We are «GINMAKU Japanese Film Festival» based in Zurich, Switzerland. The festival will showcase new and upcoming Japanese films and filmmakers, presenting the Swiss community with cinematic impressions of contemporary Japan.


When is the festival?

April 27 –May 1, 2017 at Kino Houdini & Riffraff

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Our History

Since we decided to do a Japanese film festival in Zurich 4 years ago, a lot has happened. Shortly after the opening of the Houdini cinema in 2014, the first Japanese film jewels shimmered across the screen during the first GINMAKU festival.

Then came the huge shock: the terrible fire accident in the Houdini cinema. But even the biggest obstacles could not prevent the Japanese film festival in Zurich from attracting film-goers to the cinema.

This enormous increase in content takes into account the noticeable demand for Japanese films in Zurich, but also has budgetary consequences. The film screening fees have increased markedly by the increased number of films. For the coming edition of the festival in April 2017 twelve films are planned.

What does GINMAKU mean?

«GINMAKU» means «silver screen», a title chosen out of reverence/reference to the great pioneers of Japanese film like Akira Kurosawa . Without their passion, the Japanese film industry wouldn’t exist the way it does today.

What is our goal for GINMAKU 2017?

The 3rd edition of the festival once again brings the Swiss audience closer to contemporary Japan through cinematic impressions and creates a bridge between the two cultures through films.


What do we need your support for?

Your contribution is provided for the screening fees and shipping cost of films as well as the festival organisation.

Thank you for bringing our festival to life!

More information: www.ginmaku-festival.com