During the last two years, I’ve been working on project «Recycling Yantra», dealing with electronic waste recycling in Delhi, India. In the course of that time, a series of videos portraying the informal recycling network in Delhi as well as a room installation with materials from the recycling process were developed.

In the course of the project, the desire crystallised itself as the all-encompassing and underlying narrative.

On one hand, the book will serve as a documentation of the project. On the other, a series of short essays, written by experts from areas like psychoanalysis, waste management, anthropology, art etc. will contextualise the work and give food for thought.

Exhibitions of the video and trash installation are planned to take place this September in Delhi at India International Centre and in Bangalore at Swissnex. Later on, in December at Helmhaus Zurich.

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People Involved


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The Money Story

After numerous grant applications, I’ve come up with CHF 14’000.–. A serious budget for the project comes up to CHF 45’000.–. Now, with printing in India as well as generous sponsoring from the designer and authors I can «run it on a shoestring» of CHF 19’500.– Yet, there is still the translation, proof-reading and lithography to cover, which are in the books with a minimum of CHF 5’500.– everything above allows more time and space to manage and coordinate the endeavor. But hey, I am sure, we’ll make it with a little help from my friends and backers.