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The project

We need your help to film a Web Series about a crazy competition where the loser takes it all…

What is the Feast of Duos?

For it’s 50th anniversary the famous Sion Festival in Switzerland and it’s artistic director Pavel Vernikov payed homage to the great Duos with an original contest open to violinists and pianists aged between 8 and 88 regardless of nationality or gender – and we were there to film it all. This is a side of classical music that we PROMISE you have not seen before!

Here is how it works: when bribing the Jury is only one of many ways for victory, who will withstand the pressure? In the heart of the Swiss alps, young classical musicians think they compete for the chance of their lives, not knowing the producers have a very different plan. With the feel of talent show television, we take a surreal yet truthful look behind the scenes of a music competition, which is part of the 50th anniversary of the Sion Festival. Soft scripted, partly comical interviews expose the absurdity and the emotional highs and lows of everyone involved. Besides conventional repertoire, they are obliged to play theatrical and humorous works.

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So why are we asking for your support?

We need YOU to help us with the production costs of our online series – we need to finish the editing of the first season and continue filming this year!

In 5 glorious days and unforgettable days, we managed to shoot 40 hours of video material for the first season and plan to produce 5 episodes á 20mins – in 2016 we are aiming for even more footage for the second season!

We also have to cover travel costs, housing, equipment, manpower, editing, grading, sound mixing and design…not to mention squeezing in a couple of cool effects, like some nice aerial shots! Imagine shooting classical musicians from above…

With enough funding, we can produce the series in a higher quality, which will ensure that this show gets the attention it deserves and help promote it so that it can continue in Sion this year and for many years to come.

To ensure the best imagery possible, we are working with the same production team «SLfilm» Sebastian Leitner, who made Aleksey’s directing debut mockumentary «Noseland» with Julian Rachlin and John Malkovich.


Who is already supporting us?

If we are able to raise the funding for the production costs, WELT DER WUNDER, a German-speaking TV channel, would be interested in broadcasting the series on Swiss and German air! This would be a huge milestone for the project and musicians involved.

We are very lucky to have the ingenious Thomastik Infeld Vienna, handmade strings since 1929 as our treasured sponsor and collaborator and we would also like to thank the Sion Festival in Sion, Switzerland!


We are hoping to reach a wide audience and spread the magic of classical music. Help us show the world the fun, theatrical side of classical music, help these young musicians with their career and hopefully we can inspire many generations to come with our spontaneous and witty approach.

Please help us and support the Feast of Duos! We hope that you like our perks and in return you shall have our eternal gratitude – every little bit helps, THANK YOU!!!!

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