We want to buy a sailing boat and a fishing net for our project to be more self-sustainable. Eventually, we would like to buy an engine to make the boat faster and safer.

CHF 11’784

117% of CHF 10’000

117 %
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The «all or nothing» principle applies: The project only receives the funds if the funding target is reached or exceeded.

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Successfully concluded on 3/1/2021

Janela Africana needs your help

Janela Africana is a Christian NGO active in community development in the region of Vilanculos, Mozambique. Our local staff members, Bebas, his wife Cidia, and Feliz and Aurora, are in charge of the different projects of Janela Africana, which include:

  • Church activities, such as Church services, youth group meetings, Sunday school, celebrations, etc…
  • The Preschool, where the children of the village of Bawa can discover and learn about the world, play, and grow up in a healthy enviroment.
  • English classes, which offer new opportunities for the young people of the region. Tourism is developing rapidly in the region.
  • Camps and sports activities, which promotes social interactions within the community, and is a way to help young people avoid getting involved with alcohol, etc.

Why a boat ?

Currently, our project is running thanks to the support of a handful of loyal donors. However, as we have very little financial means, we wish to make our project as self-sufficient as possible. A fishing boat is an excellent way to do this.

The fish can be sold and it can generate a small income to finance the various social projects in which we are invested with. Being able to fish will also enable Janela Africana’s employees and the children of the preschool to have free food, thus reducing their dependence on outside income. Finally, if we can afford to buy a motor for this boat, it would allow us to also use it to bring tourists to the surrounding islands, thus developing an additional source of income.

The boat will be built in Mozambique, by Mozambican craftsmen, using local materials. Thus, by supporting our project, you are also supporting the local economy.

How is your support going to help ?

Given the difficulty of finding the necessary support locally in Mozambique to finance this boat, we decided to launch this crowdfunding. Thank you very much for your valuable contribution.

The approximate budget for the purchase of this boat is as follows:

  • Purchase of the sailing boat: CHF 5000
  • Purchase of a boat engine: CHF 2150
  • Purchase of fishing nets: CHF 650
  • Purchase of ropes: CHF 500
  • Purchase of a float: CHF 450
  • Licenses Fees: CHF 140
  • Administrative costs: CHF 120

Total = CHF 9000 (ZAR 158,400)

  • Extra cost for an emergency engine: CHF 2150