Mushrooms instead of plastic

We at MYCROBEZ want to replace most of the plastic we produce every day with mushroom-based materials. Our goal is to reduce plastic islands in the ocean, microplastics in our food and groundwater pollution.

All this is possible with mycelium: it grows back from recycled biomass and can be molded into any shape. If the mushroom product has no more use, it can be dumped on the composter since it is 100% biodegradable.

Your support contributes, among other things, to the realization of a sustainable styrofoam alternative.

Help us rent our first production facility, expand our laboratory, and advance our research so that together we can free the world from unnecessary plastic.


The special thing about MYCROBEZ is that...

…we need seven times less energy for production than the production of styrofoam and emit 15 times less CO2.

…you no longer have to worry about disposing of the products - just put them on the compost.

…our raw materials don’t have to be specially produced or extracted. We recycle organic waste that would otherwise have to be incinerated. In this way, we save energy, money, and resources.

…it contributes to the development of a self-sustaining circular economy.

…despite innovative products, there is always the potential for optimization.

…the properties of the mushroom material practically coincide with those of styrofoam. The areas of application in which polystyrene is replaced do not have to adapt.


We need your support!

In order to make production even more efficient, we want to expand the technical equipment in our laboratory to work more intensively on other products and on fine-tuning existing ones. In addition, we plan to build a production hall that will enable us to manufacture more substantial quantities. To ensure that all this has a solid basis, we intend to set up a limited liability company at the end of January 2020, which of course, also entails costs.

On November 29, 2019 our team was awarded the first place of the Swiss Student Sustainability Awards, which goes to projects that deal with socially relevant issues in a sustainable way. (see link below)

With your contribution, you support MYCROBEZ - a start-up, which offers our world a sustainable alternative to plastics with a little mushroom, straw, and a lot of passion for a better future.