What is «A Walk In The Park...»?

«A Walk In The Park…» is an attempt to investigate, through public art, how we move through our environments of our own free will.

AWITP is an interactive public art installation. The important part of the project is the participation of the public. Their role is integral.

The public is the composer. The public is the instrument. The public is the audience.


Public Interactive Art in Zurich

Zuerich is the main backdrop for these works. All the research is based upon what happens here. This project is the first phase of series of public interactive installations throughout the city. The importance of these installations taking place in a public realm is to play with the idea of public space as being «unrestricted» as opposed to programmed environments / platforms.

These environments will have interactive landmarks to engage the public. Interactive technology and sound will help participants in combining and contributing their efforts, in order to shape this project and create a new social dialogue.

When and Where Will This Happen?

On June 12 – 13, 2013, at SBB Zuerich Hauptbahnhof main hall is where this project starts.

100,000 people per day walk through this main hall, so it is a perfect location for this type of installation.

This is the first time SBB has granted permission for a project like this to a single artist. I will use approx 400m2 of space for this installation.

Why Support This Project?

As you can imagine, this project has costs that can’t be covered by one individual alone. This is an arts research/ design based project, but we are looking for support with the execution and installation of the project. We have some help with labour and technical assistance, but the costs of insurance(s), materials and rentals have yet to be covered.

That’s where you would come in. The financial support would aid us in completing this project and assisting with crucial elements needed.

What Would You Get?

There are small tangible incentives to support this project. (please read the rewards section)

But there is a feeling you get knowing that what you have contributed has had a profound affect on this project. You will have supported young artists /architects /designers /creative community in making this project happen.

Whatever contribution is made, we are grateful. Every bit counts.