Adamu | Be your own composer

by Florian Colombo


Help us democratize music composition. A project where music scores meet artificial intelligence to explore and train our creativity.

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Democratize music composition

With Adamu, we bring together music and computing – allowing everyone to create, play, and produce their own music

Music surrounds us. Maybe it’s that song which motivates you on your run. Or it’s the music you play when you need to relax. What about that one tune which makes you feel joyful or reminds you of your favourite person?

For many people, while they love music, they’ve never thought about composing it themselves – the idea is just too daunting. You have to play an instrument, you have to know what sounds good, you have to read sheet music.

Not anymore.

Thanks to Adamu, our aim is to democratize musical creativity – allowing anyone, no matter their skill or experience, to be a composer.

Harnessing the power of a computer to unleash creativity

Adamu uses a form of AI which allows it to learn from existing human knowledge of music and musical theory and apply those frameworks to new compositions. Where it might take you years of training to understand the intricacies of how to successfully compose music, with Adamu, it’s as simple as a couple of clicks.

While there are a couple of automated applications on the market, they tend to be more passive. Adamu is dynamic – it allows users the chance to co-create music alongside AI and produce a playable score at the end. With Adamu, professionals and amateurs alike can create unique musical scores for a range of different instruments and across different styles. The AI training works with the user to predict the best combination of notes and rhythms, ensuring your new composition always sounds the way it should.

The application has many potential uses – from original scores for concerts and videos to teaching music composition. You can even use Adamu to discover how different composers might have played your favorite tune!

I already used Adamu to complete Beethoven’s unfinished 10th symphony (in one day!). What could be next?

Why we need your support?

The technology is ready – we just need your help to take it to the next level. With the support of the WeMakeIt community, we will further develop the prototype, turning it into an application open to everyone. We will work with professional composers and musicians to bring their expertise to the tool and help everyone unleash their musical creativity!

Welcome aboard!

Has Adamu caught your eye? How would you like to join our team? We’re looking for talented and passionate people to come along with us on our journey. Contact us!