Funding comes in many forms – crowdfunding is just one of them. Through the EPFL Startup Booster, we want to open up ideas, technology, and startup teams to the wider world. The channel features the next generation of EPFL startups and entrepreneurs.

Are you an entrepreneur supported by the EPFL Startup Launchpad or an EPFL startup that does not generate revenues yet? Launch a crowdfunding campaign on the EPFL Startup Booster - you will receive the support you need from the EPFL Startup team to launch a successful campaign. You will also benefit from a financial booster with up to CHF 3’000 for your campaign to help you reach your target.

Of course, this is not just about funding. Through this crowdfunding collaboration, you can build bridges between the EPFL’s startup community and the people your technology will directly impact. You’ll be able to directly speak to the public, share your passion, and raise funds and visibility to bring your technology to life.

Do you want to know more about the EPFL Startup Launchpad? Find out more details here or email us at

Start a project

Conditions of participation

  • You have a startup project which is currently supported by the EPFL Startup Launchpad or you’re an EPFL startup which has been incorporated and is not yet generating revenue.
  • Contact the EPFL Startup Launchpad team to confirm your project is eligible for the channel before applying.
  • When submitting the project, you state to be included in the EPFL Startup Booster on the wemakeit platform.
  • All projects will go through wemakeit’s standard application procedure and will be sent a confirmation if their project meets the requirements for the channel. They will then receive assistance from the EPFL Startup Launchpad team.
  • EPFL will cover the second third of the project’s target amount, up to a maximum of CHF 3,000 per project.
  • EPFL Startup Launchpad acts as a normal supporter – the amount is only paid out if the crowdfunding campaign is successfully completed.
  • EPFL Startup Launchpad will offer support to a limited number of projects. No further projects will be supported once the total budget has been reached. Participation in the channel does not therefore automatically guarantee financial support from the channel partner.
  • As per wemakeit guidelines, the amount you raise will be paid out only if the crowdfunding campaign is concluded successfully.
  • You agree to allow EPFL Startup Booster and wemakeit to use all materials you provide in order to promote your campaigns on their own platforms and on social media.


Who is behind the EPFL Startup Booster?

The same dedicated team that’s behind the EPFL Startup Launchpad, a team driven by one passion: helping turn innovative ideas into startups and fostering the next generation of founders.

Do I need to be connected to EPFL to join the EPFL Startup Booster?

Yes. To take part in the EPFL Startup Booster, you’ll need to be a current member of the EPFL Startup Launchpad, or an EPFL startup that has been created but hasn’t yet started making revenue. Find out more about the EPFL Startup Launchpad initiative here or email us at

As a member of the EPFL Startup Launchpad, how do I get involved with the EPFL Startup Booster on wemakeit?

It couldn’t be simpler! Confirm with the EPFL Startup Launchpad team that your project is eligible for the channel before applying. Submit your project to wemakeit and make it clear you wish to join the EPFL Startup Booster. If your project is eligible, you’ll receive some support from the EPFL Startup Launchpad team.

Is there any technology that’s not eligible?

As long as there aren’t any legal or ethical issues with your project, we’ll consider any topic or technology. We love all people-driven startups but unfortunately, if your project doesn’t align with our values, we may not be able to support you.

How much funding can I ask for?

The sky’s the limit! You will be able to set a campaign goal for as much or little as you need. Once we start working on your project together, we’ll be able to give advice on realistic and achievable funding objectives. Unfortunately, if you don’t reach your funding goal, you won’t get funding at all – sometimes it’s better to fund in increments or for specific elements of your project. Remember, wemakeit isn’t only about funding – it’s also a great opportunity to get visibility for your project, sharing your passion with the world.

The EPFL Startup Launchpad

As a pioneering university, EPFL has been fostering innovative thinking for over 50 years. We have a focus on entrepreneurship and the research that leads to transformational technology.

The EPFL Startup Launchpad was created to offer the support, tools, and skills entrepreneurs need to bring novel ideas and innovative technologies to the world. Guided by our passion and experience, we ask the right questions, understand unmet needs, and empower entrepreneurs to reach their goals. You’ll find more on us here