Liberation of negative radiation

If earth-, mobile-, electro- or waterradiation, this machine might be capable of neutralization of them all. The prototype of the ADONAI Protection-Machinehas been developed by Chantal Wicki with the help and assistance of a young doctor, an experienced electrical technician and an environmental scientist. There are elements of the famous Orgon Generators within, but also aspects oft the field of Quantum Theory, of holy (and healing) Geometry on the bases of Methaphysics (mostly I. Regardie), a great portion magick of numbers, about 10 kg of different metals as well as uncountable Möbius spirals within a mixture of resin and activated carbon. The solidly cast block will be set into a slight electrical pulse. We have commenced already with the developement of ADONAI, but would greatly approve of your financial help to finance the costly materials. Ad us with this project! If our suppositions prove  true the production of this machine will change the world to the better!