A short documentary about the typefaces of Jost Hochuli and Roland Stieger

Jost Hochuli and Roland Stieger are two designers from St. Gallen. Jost Hochuli enjoys an international reputation for his work in the field of book design. Roland Stieger is a typographic designer with his office TGG Hafen Senn Stieger, which is known for more than to the Swiss borders.

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This is special about the project

Little is known so far about the type design work of the two designers. The intention of this short documentary film is to provide background information on the creation of the individual typefaces and the teacher-student relationship between Jost Hochuli and Roland Stieger.

The typefaces not only have similar names: Alena and Allegra, but they are also stylistically related. The aim is to shed light on the inspirations that formed the basis for the designers and why the typefaces have parallels. To document how the two designers work in their own way. The focus is on Jost Hochuli’s typeface as a starting point and source of inspiration. The human being as a designer is to be expressed and the process from the first draft to the elaboration is to be presented.


This is what we need backing for.

We need your support to finance a part of the production of the film.

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