«Am Habsburger Hof»

by Girandole Armoniche


«Am Habsburger Hof»/Wien 1660-1690: A Musical Journey. Help us to create our first CD recording!

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Girandole Armoniche/«Am Habsburger Hof»- Wien 1660-1690: A Musical Journey

From 1st to 5th January 2017 we will record in Bruneck the first CD of our baroque ensemble «Girandole Armoniche». Help us to create our first CD!

What is «Girandole Armoniche»?

It is an ensemble founded in 2012 by the violin player Esther Crazzolara and the harpsichordist Federica Bianchi. In 2009 Esther met Federica in EUBO (European Baroque Orchestra) since both were selected as member of this great european orchestra. From that experience a special friendship and a solid musical relation moved the first steps together with the wish of creating a project as the result of a common and deep musical feeling. In 2013 the talented gamba player Teodoro Baù joined the ensemble and since than the «Girandole Armoniche» started a new journey as trio, studying mostly the repertoire for violin, gamba and continuo with a peculiar attention to the colors and sonority of the XVII century music.

From this common love in 2013 it was born the idea of participating at the Biber Competition where the ensemble got the prestigious Weichlein Prize.

Than come this project of a record proposal, not really fitting into the normal commercial and musicological rules. Our Musical Journey is a musical trip around the jewelries of the repertoire of XVII for gamba, violin and basso continuo.

Which are the stages of our Musical Journey?

Attended in the artistic direction by Emiliano Rodolfi, friend and great colleague and by our fantastic sound engineer Daniel Comploi, we will record music composed by italian and austrian composers that worked in Austria , especially in Vienna. Among the others we will record sonatas by Ignazio Albertini e Giovanni Antonio Pandolfi Mealli and works by Heinrich Ignaz Franz von Biber e Johann Heinrich Schmelzer (a sonata from the collection of 1681 by Biber and a sonata from «Sonatae unarum fidium» (1664) by Schmelzer). These are two exemples of the most complex and beautiful works for violin in the XVII century. Violin, for virtuosic reasons, was the privileged instrument by those composers; however gamba here shows to be a worthy companion and rival of violin. For this purpose we will record two works (a Schmelzer Trio sonata for gamba,violin and B.C. by Schmelzer and a Ciaccona by Samuel Capricornus) as example of this formidable duel. Finally an anonymous sonata for gamba and continuo (ascribable to Biber or to August Kertzinger) that follows the style of the typical virtuoso violin sonata and two harpsichord solo works by Johann Caspar Kerll (german organist and composer that worked mostly in Vienna).

Help us to complete our Journey: support our fundraising campaign «Am Habsburger Hof»! Actually, recording a CD for a young ensemble like us is really expensive and almost impossible without the help of people like you!