This is what it's all about

The animals need our help! Degraded to just products, more than 76 million animals in Switzerland suffer a miserable fate each year. There is no necessity for all of this suffering; the time is riper than ever for a peaceful coexistence.

In order to demand an end to all animal oppression and to give animal rights, the international Animal Rights March will take place on August 17, 2019 in more than 20 cities all over the world, and for the first time also in Zurich. Zurich’s march will be a colourful, positive, powerful and inspiring demonstration. A demonstration for the transformation of humanity and the overcoming of indifference to nonhuman animals.

To inform and motivate as many people as possible to join us at the Animal Rights March, we are launching an advertising campaign across Switzerland.

Support our crowdfunding campaign not only because of the unique goodies you can choose from, but also so that the news of the march and the animal rights movement spreads throughout Switzerland. Invite your friends and family to do the same, and be there with us on the 17th of August!

For the animals, for our planet, for a peaceful future! #forthem

Together anything is possible

Fortunately change is happening in society and people from all different backgrounds are becoming outraged by the realities of animal exploitation. An increasing number of people are no longer accepting that animals in our society have no rights to life.

As awareness grows, transformation is happening, with some consumers and producers refusing to participate in the current violent practices and actively campaigning to create new ways to make the world a more peaceful place. An increasing number of consumers are also buying ethically produced goods, raising the demand for kinder and more sustainable production methods.

We are convinced that many, many people would be excited to join us in marching for a better future - if they knew about the March. However, with limited funds, we also have limited ways to reach everyone who cares about this topic. With an advertising campaign of more than 60 billboards in the 6 biggest Swiss cities, the message of the first Animal Rights March in Zurich would spread wide and far.

Together we can share the powerful message that animal oppression is no longer acceptable by the people in Switzerland. We will march for a peaceful future where animals live with us and no longer for us!

Let’s make Switzerland’s first Animal Rights March a huge success! Let’s write history together!

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Be part of the change

We want the Animal Rights March to be a loud, unmistakable voice for animal rights and for it to actively initiate change. However, this will only be possible if we can motivate enough people to march with us on August 17th. The more people the bigger the impact on both passers-by and the media.

In order to do this, we need to raise 15’000 Swiss Francs, an amount we cannot finance without support. The campaign will consist of Animal Rights March billboards posted around the 6 biggest cities in Switzerland during the first two weeks of August.

Please take a look at our campaign video and the fabulous goodies we have available. We would be so grateful if you could spare a few Francs to support this worthwhile project.

To see 60 big billboards all over Switzerland advertising the Animal Rights March in Zurich would show the world that Switzerland cares, is ready for change and that an increasing number of people will no longer accept animal exploitation.