Call for support of the project of an architectural guide Marseilles, DOM publishers

My specialisation within our agency CaP.CULT is in the fields of urban planning, architecture and urban development. After conducting numerous study trips since 2013 with, among others, architects, universities and engineering offices in Marseille and other European metropolises, I would like to summarise my experiences about Marseille and the region in an architectural guide.

The Berlin publishing house DOM publishers ( is the perfect partner for this. It is not only well-known in architectural circles, but also offers people with an affinity for architecture in general access to this complex topic.

In terms of content, the aim is to create a portrait of the city that discusses and explains urban development, architecture and numerous buildings on around 200 pages. Contributions from researchers and specialists, descriptions of buildings and clearly documented suggestions for city walks nourish the architectural guide.

Your support serves to pre-finance the printing and the execution of the project itself: research, working time, possible photo fees.

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Support a sustainable project of CaP.CULT !

There is no recent publication of an architectural guide in German or English specifically on Marseilles and the metropolitan region. The book offers an insight into the complexity of the city of Marseilles from its origins to its recent urban development in the Mediterranean area. The project complements CaP.CULT’s practical approach to urban exploration in Marseille in theoretical form.

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A «coup de pouce» for the inhabitants of Marseilles !

With additional support, you also help the people in Marseille who need a «coup de pouce», a positive «push», especially today. There are many initiatives in Marseille in the areas of emergency aid, education and neighbourhood projects that we know about and whose work we support with clear conscience! The support of the actions will be presented transparently so you can be sure to whom your support goes.

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