Swiss-born/New-York based artist, Olaf Breuning, has been active in the contemporary art scene for quite some time now. His recent series «Art Freaks» depicts 31 references to art history, some being more obvious than others. The artist's book we want to produce will present each portrait with the first name of the classic/modern artist it's referring to. It will be printed in a limited-edition run of 300, as we intend for it to be very special.

Printing Process:

The aim is to produce a beautiful object deserving of the work inside. The printing process brings its particularity to the project as the book will be printed on a 4 color-risograph giving the images a unique aesthetic while making each page look engraved. All we need now is support from interested people.

As a reward for contributions, we offer this beautiful limited edition book. For a important donation, we offer one of our more limited editions signed by the artist, or a bigger photographic print of one of the photographs (you get to choose which).

Thank you very much! Let's make it! Bye!