We want to build a truly global exhibition guide – of past, current and coming shows, artists, curators, and art institutions – so all YOU ART LOVERS can have the best information available FOR FREE!

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We think something is missing in the art world: a simple, effective way to discover great art experiences and keep track of everything that matters. That is why we are working on ART.WORLD

Our mission of ART.WORLD is in optimizing your art experiences:

  1. Follow the artists, curators and venues that interest you worldwide
  2. Receive tailored email briefs regularly with all the art world happenings concerning those you follow and suggestions
  3. Save shows that interest you and keep a list of shows visited
  4. Share content with friends

We improve the information, so we increase your inspiration!

Oooh, did we mention our app?


The ART.WORLD app is a fun, simple way to find current exhibitions anywhere in the world!

simplify and amplify your art experience anywhere:

  • PICK A CITY: see all shows that are currently on or opening there in the next 7 days
  • SWIPE TO LIKE: right-swipe the shows you care about, left-swipe the ones you don’t
  • SHOW DETAILS: click the image for show details such as artists, curators, exhibition text and location
  • EASY MAP VIEW: when done, click the map icon to see your choices mapped out
  • CONCISE LIST VIEW: slide the show left to mark it as one you’ve been to, or to remove it
  • ON OUR WEBSITE : your historical archive of shows already visited is saved for you on the ART.WORLD mobile site

ART.WORLD keeps you informed on all this with simple, concise updates.

Art sales? No! Great art experiences? Yes!

We do not want to sell or auction art works – we want to provide you with the best information on art and its exhibitions.

There is no selection of art or exhibitions, and no editor has curated our data. Instead, we process history and popularity algorithmically, to surface the most important shows happening, anywhere and everywhere.

ART.WORLD keeps you informed on all this with simple, concise updates.

We want ART.WORLD to be global and historical – the definitive network of and for art professionals.

  • GLOBAL: as of June 2016, we cover more than 5,000 current and coming exhibitions in approx. 500 cities
  • HISTORICAL: exhibitions are live-linked to their artists, curators, galleries and museums. This record currently spans the last 8 years, with a current total of more than 153,000 exhibitions and 32,000 institutions – constantly growing.
  • PROFESSIONALS: we are assembling a network of artists and curators: 304,000 people as of today – and by allowing them to claim their pages for free, we are now a network built FOR and BY the art world.

WHERE YOU COME IN: We need your help and contribution

  • we want to build a desktop version of art.world
  • we want to build an Android app
  • we want to build the products which can help small galleries and museums reach their audience
  • and most of all we want to expand our coverage in order to represent young and inspiring artists, curators or galleries that we have not found yet and who are usually overlooked by the art world – especially in the German-speaking countries

So please contribute to our campaign and also let everybody know that ALL artists, curators or galleries and museums can claim their page for FREE!

So we need you to spread the word and support ART.WORLD today!

und jetzt zu dir: wir brauchen deine Hilfe und Unterstützung!

  • wir wollen eine Desktop-Version der für mobile browser optimierten website bauen
  • wir wollen ein Android-App bauen
  • wir wollen Dienstleistungen für kleine Galerien und Museen bauen, mit denen diese ihr Publikum besser erreichen können
  • und vor allem wollen wir auch die jungen und spannenden Künstler, Kuratoren und Galerien aufnehmen, die wir bisher nicht gefunden haben und die uns noch nicht kennen – insbesondere in den deutschsprachigen Ländern

Bitte unterstütze unsere Kampagne und erzähle es weiter – alle jungen Künstler, Kuratoren, Galerien und Museen können ihre Seite anlegen bzw. übernehmen, Ausstellungsorte können ihre Ausstellungen eingeben und verwalten – GRATIS!

Wir brauchen dich – erzähle von ART.WORLD und unterstütze uns!