Crafting a sustainable and inclusive society

The Architecture for Refugees SCHWEIZ association aims to improve the integration process of refugees, that’s why we prefer inclusion instead of integration. We aim to realise spaces where newcomers and Swiss citizens can get to know each other, interact and can create new friendships and relationships. Our motto is «shelter is not enough».

Our project AiT co-creates spaces to explore and develop intercultural and artistic competencies of migrants, refugees and locals, giving them the opportunity to network and interact:

  • We co-create inclusive spaces where we foster intercultural exchange and develop non-verbal communication in order to expand newcomers’ networks in the Swiss society.

  • We develop transferable skills from participants with migrant/refugee background and stimulate their creativity to increase their chances of employability and autonomy.

Our Vision: An intercultural, sustainable and inclusive society, where creativity is a recognized socio-economic resource and social change is embraced.

What social impact do we achieve?

  • Developing soft skills for refugees and migrants
  • Promoting inclusive and sustainable values
  • Expanding the network of refugees and migrants
  • Empowering participants to explore their talent and creativity
  • Creating a community around creativity and playfulness

Your money contributes to the following:

  • 3 workshop series over 4 months
  • 18 days of co-creation sessions
  • 3 sociocultural events
  • participation fees for 60 participants (20 with refugee background)
  • Sales activity during the Christmas market
  • A product basket and local manufacturing created by participants
  • Contribution to 2nd City in Transition festival 2020