A poetic way to communicate

«Attachment», a poetic machine connected to a website, allowing you to send messages, images, or videos through a biodegradable balloon in the air.

Where did the idea come from?

The basic idea was to take a stand against the current use of «smart» technologies by creating a poetic concept, using current technology that allows us to communicate differently and rediscover expectation, the random, and the unexpected.

For the record, I have always been attracted by what is in the air and remember having won a balloon release contest when I was about ten years old. My balloon flew from Switzerland to Austria, this definitely left an impression on me and perhaps influenced the idea of this project.

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A website, a machine, a trip and YOU

The site allows you, by entering your name and e-mail, to send a message and attach a picture, sound, or video. Once your content is validated , the machine prints the message and a code on a sheet A6, slips it into a biopolymer cylinder attached to a balloon, which is finally released into the air. Then, the balloon will travel haphazardly to a potential recipient.

It may also be that you will be lucky enough to find a balloon and its message! The website then gives you the option by entering the code on the ticket to discover digital content (video, image, sound) linked to the message sent by its author . You then have the option to reply by e-mail but also to locate and save on a custom map the place you found the balloon.

An interactive map of all the founded balloons (indicating the date of the flight and the date of discovery) will be available on the website.

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The team

  • David Colombini , student in media and interaction design at ECAL (University of Art and Design, Lausanne)
  • Thanks to Lobsang Blanchard responsible for Robopoly

The goal

When we reach the projected amount (CHF 3000), we will complete the machine and the website for June 25th, 2014 and send 150 assigned balloons carrying messages next July at the entrance of the ECAL, Avenue du Temple 5, 1020 Renens (VD), Switzerland.

Environmental concern

Aware of the environmental issue that raises sending several balloons, we will use biodegradable latex balloons. The tube containing the message is made of PLA (a polymer based or seaweed maize), also biodegradable.

Why support us?

Do you like the random and unexpected? Have you always dreamed of sending your works, drawings or poems in the air? Does the idea of ​​a distant correspondence attract you ? Or are you just curious to know how far your ball will travel and discover your message? So be part of «Attachment», an artistic project, accessible to all and help finance the machine.

The main costs are for equipment for the realization of the machine, they amounted to CHF 3000 about and include the following:

  • Helium
  • Balloons (150 of 90 cm)
  • Electronic equipment (arduino, motor, captors, etc)
  • The pneumatic equipment (valves, cylinders, etc)
  • The material of construction of the machine (wood, plexi, etc.)
  • A mini printer
  • Small solar panel


If you have questions about the project or about the rewards, do not hesitate to send an email to: davcolombini@hotmail.com


Bei Fragen betreffend des Projekts oder den Gegenleistungen, zögere nicht, mir eine E-Mail zu senden: davcolombini@hotmail.com