What is backup_festival?

For the 17 year running, students of Bauhaus-University Weimar are organizing this international short film festival. Backup is all about experimentation and the ongoing search for new approaches and styles in film. In any gathering of young creative minds there’s potential for making new connections and networking, and the backup_festival is no different. In addition to the international exchange between filmmakers and visitors, every year a special jury selects the best short film to win the backup.award.

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Why we need your support.

By collaborating with you, the audience, veteran filmmakers and film lovers from all over, we want to bring a new award to life this year- the backup.collaboration.award. The purpose of this new award is to further encourage young filmmakers, and give them the means to express their creativity in future projects. Our goal for the backup.collaboration.award is to raise 2500 €. The audience will get to decide which filmmaker will receive our new award. If the fundraising target is exceeded, we can also take care of the travelling costs for students from our partner universities in Lyon and Columbia.

What is the role of prizes for filmmakers?

Producing films requires a lot of costs that we, as a public, often don’t realize. Students and graduates are always eager to show their work in film festivals, and one of the benefits is also a chance to be recognized and rewarded for their hard work.

What's in it for you?

A film festival is nothing without its guests. For your generous support you will have our endless gratitude, and of course, we have lots of rewards ready to be sent to our backers. We’re all super excited to see you at the backup_festival in May.

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