Swiss creative professionals support the creative scene in Lebanon

On 4 August a huge explosion in the port of Beirut caused serious damage. Around 300,000 people in Beirut were made homeless in one hit, 6000 of whom were seriously injured. Over 190 people died. Several hospitals were also destroyed by the explosion. Since then, the capital of Lebanon has been in a state of emergency.

As creative people in Beirut in particular were already facing enormous economic problems before the explosion, we see it as our duty to help.

We, Maïla Wyssmüller and Jessica Schmid, are organising a solidarity event in Basel on 3 October to help creative artists in Lebanon through the worsening crisis since the explosion on 4 August.

  • On the one hand, Lebanese artists will be supported directly by us with the donations
  • On the other hand, we donate to one of the largest organisations in the Middle East, which supports cultural and creative workers in Lebanon with a specially established fund on site. Further information here:
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Basel × Beirut: A cultural event on 3 October 2020 in Basel

As part of the fund-raising campaign, we are organising a solidarity event on Saturday, 3 October in Basel with the following contributors:

  • Several Lebanese artists (illustrators, photographers, interior designers, fashion designers and street art) will support the event with their printed works, which can be purchased here and locally for donation purposes.
  • Lebanese restaurant provides an authentic culinary experience
  • Ajay Mathur (see Youtube video above) comes as a live singer
  • Adrian Gander aka ANOY, Swiss street art artist with several projects in Lebanon and a limited documentation of them in book form
  • Artist Rayo with live graffiti art at the event
  • DJs Leila Moon and the DJ crews Funky Fever and Spin Club will keep you listening until late into the evening
  • A Lebanese woman will teach you to write a word in Arabic in a playful way (also suitable for children)

With the event «Basel × Beirut - Solidarity for Lebanon», we would like to raise awareness of the difficult situation and raise funds for the benefit of creative people (artists, photographers, designers, architects) and their families and businesses in Beirut who fell victim to the consequences of the explosion.

In order to achieve the greatest possible impact for those affected on site and to make this event a success, we need your financial support! Every help counts!

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Key information on Basel × Beirut on 03.10.20

Date: Saturday, 3 October 2020 Time: 10:30 to 23:30 Venue: probably the most creative location in Basel! launchlabs, Hall 8, Dornacherstrasse 192, 4053 Basel The exact programme will be continuously updated on our Facebook event page: A protection concept ensures that all measures regarding Covid-19 are complied with. Admission only with face mask and information for contact tracing.