What is BasGame?

BasGame gathers people of all ages, backgrounds and countries to meet, socialize and discover the many-sided world of modern board games. This is a wonderful opportunity to try new games and meet new people. Visitors can come in, select one of the games we offer or ask for suggestions to our friendly staff, and start playing right away.

We think that this is also an opportunity for all of you who have wonderful games at home and never find the time or the suitable amount of players to enjoy them. Not only can you play with the games we will provide, but you can also bring your own games and play them with your friends or with new people, including BasGame staff.

Save the date! Saturday, June 6th 2015

BasGame opens its doors at 11.00 and closes at 20.00. Nine hours of friendly playing, brain training and new-world discovering. All for free!


What will you find in BasGame?

Besides an inviting and comfortable atmosphere, you will have access to the private BGB Pool of Games. This is a collection of more than 100 games, spanning from family games to deep strategic ones, that will cover all tastes and preferences. You can check the available games here (constantly updated).

Parallel to the open event, BasGame will host a board game tournament by teams. Teams should be formed by 4 members, but contestants can also register individually or as a partial group. We will complete the groups if necessary. The games for the tournament are Village and Kingdom Builder. There will be interesting prizes for the winner team and the 1st runner-up, so don’t be shy and register here. It’s free!

We will also organize a small flea market, where you’ll be able to find board games in very good conditions at very low prices. Don’t miss this chance!

This year BasGame is going to be bigger, with more games and even better than last year. Just because we love board games and we want to share it with you!

Who are we?

The Board Game Basel (BGB) association was founded in 2012 and is located in Basel-Stadt. It currently consists of 29 members of eight different nationalities, and it is the biggest board game association in the canton.

This project is made possible thanks to the collaboration of all BGB members, but during the wemakeit campaign you will mainly interact with five people:

  • Rubén Cabezón: Founder and president of the BGB. He’s a Spanish Astrophysicist and lives in Basel since 2010.
  • Hirginia Vallejo: Founder, secretary and treasurer of the BGB. She’s a Spanish pianist and lives in Basel since 2010.
  • Robert Polster: BGB member since 2012. He’s a German Clinical Researcher and came to Basel in 2009.
  • Rosanna Galvani: BGB member since 2013. She’s a British Chemist and came to Switzerland when she was 9.
  • Lorenzo Romeo: BGB member since 2013. He’s a Swiss Instructional Game Designer and came to Basel in 2013.

Between the five of us, we cover German, English, French, Italian, Spanish and Catalan languages. We will definitely be able to communicate with you!



The BasGame will take place in the first floor of Unternehmen Mitte (UM), the same venue of last year’s BasGame. UM provides us with three beautiful and big rooms, in Gerbergasse 30, a very central location within an active environment and with a high affluence of people. We will also have access to the Safe Bühne and the beautiful Tresor Raum, where the tournament will take place.

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Strecht Goals

THANK YOU ALL. We made it! BasGame is going to be a reality next June and you all made it possible. Any other donations from this point on will be dedicated to improve BasGame2015 (more games to play with, info material at the event, board game freebies for visitors) and any leftover funds will be put away for BasGame2016. In addition to that, for each additional CHF 200 that we rise we will add a game to the raffle.

We hope you like them!

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Details about the Rewards

We have worked hard to collect the most original, exclusive and interesting rewards for you, our supporters. Here we share some extra information about some of them. If you have questions do not hesitate to ask us!

  1. Shipping to Switzerland and Germany is included in the rewards.
  2. YELLOW MEEPLE: The voucher cannot be combined with other discounts.
  3. GREEN MEEPLE: The free visitor passes will allow you to join our BGB meetings once with an accompanying person of your choice, or twice if you come alone. You just need to confirm via email when you plan to come. We usually meet the second and fourth Fridays of every month.
  4. BROWN MEEPLE: These vouchers cannot be used online directly. They cannot be combined with other discounts. If you already have an online account at WoG store, you can send them the voucher and they will add it to your account. You can find all the information in the WoG website.
  5. GOLDEN MEEPLE: The visit to your place should be scheduled for within the four months after BasGame (i.e. from June to October). If you don’t live in Basel-Stadt or Basel-Land, contact us first. And if you come to BasGame, other surprises might await for you!

List-of-Games for SILVER and GOLDEN MEEPLE levels.

The games will be provided in its German or English editions, depending on the availability. Nevertheless, all the games have no in-game language dependence. Only the rules are in a specific language.

  • Burgen von Burgund
  • Camel Up
  • Grog Island
  • Istanbul
  • K2
  • Qwirkle
  • Rialto
  • Splendor
  • Village
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The Raffle

We will raffle the following games at BasGame:

  • 2 copies of Augustus.
  • 2 copies of Mow.
  • 1 copy of Android Netrunner.
  • 1 copy of Aquasphere.
  • 1 copy of Tzolk’in.
  • 1 copy of Alchemists.
  • 1 copy of Terra Mystica.

For each participation, you’ll have one chance to get one of those games. The awarded persons will be randomly selected during BasGame.

Anyone can also have one participation if he/she comes to BasGame and answers a small quiz.

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What do we need your support for?

Our goal has been calculated to cover the venue rental, which represents more than half of our budget. The remainder will be devoted to printing the posters, advertisement, buying the rewards for you, our supporters, and paying fees.

If for a chance, you exceed our craziest expectations, we will be able to buy more games for the raffle and the event itself, include more prizes for the tournament, and/or have freebies for our visitors at BasGame. Everything will be devoted to have a better, nicer and even more enjoyable day with you.

Risks and Challenges

This is the first crowdfunding campaign that we organize, but we are not new to them. We have actively participated in many other crowdfunding campaigns in different platforms, so we know well the fears and expectations of the supporters, as we have been so far in that side of the coin. Therefore, we will be here for you, for your questions and doubts, and for your suggestions. We will try to avoid all the pitfalls and grow a strong confidence with you.

In this kind of projects there are always risks: a provider that do not make the delivery in time, a reward that is sold-out, etc… Nevertheless, we offer you a good communication channel through the comments section of this project, and we will be open to discussion for solving any eventual doubt.

This is also not our first event. We already have the contacts, the venue reserved, the infrastructure, the manpower, and most importantly, the willingness and the passion. We just need your support to make this project alive.

With the support of

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