Why we want to build a tiny house?

What is it like to live in a tiny house?  How much energy does it save?  Does it reduce your living quality?  Does it have to be a challenge or could it be freedom? Electricity will not always come out of the outlet but our food can be grown naturally beside such a tiny house. 

If you want to live in a different way does that mean you have to sacrifice enjoyment?  Do we gain by deliberately shifting to a more sustainable lifestyle?

Become part of this project and you will find out the answers.  On this 5 hectare landscape we will test all of these questions.  We have no electricity, no heating system, and no connection to the community systems – a big chance to learn how to work with natural resources.

Our Goals

The wilderness culture farm is a demonstration of a better way to work with nature. This project gives you an opportunity to join the project. Our next step is the building of a Wilderness Culture Village. People will be able to come stay in the tiny houses and learn.  This is why we want to build the first mobile tiny house in the Südburgenland.

People from all over the world can come to gain experience and learn on our farm. We will offer workshops on how to run a farm like Sepp Holzer would.  It is our desire to develop the next step to the wildnerness culture way!  That is absolutly unique in Austria.

Wilderness Culture

Normally you would not find the Connection between the words «wilderness» and «Culture» but that is the reason why these meaning fit together so well. Wilderness Culture is real, very closed to Nature and the human being and it is totaly practial – as it is taught by Sepp Holzer. Go out, look at nature. Look how nature works and let nature teach you! Watch it, help and support. Engage only if it is really necessary! Everything lives, everything talks, everything is real. Sepp Holzer coined «Holzer´s Permaculture. The Wilderness Culture is further development of it. Come and visite the trail of the Wilderness Culture Farm.

Let´s build a tiny house together!

Self-sufficency while living in a tiny house – together we can do it!  Now our crowdfunding starts. The goal is to build a tiny house in May and June! Our carpenter, our backdrop builder and our team will built the first tiny house in the «Südburgenland» with your help!

Share the journey as we document the whole building process and gain important insights.  The whole process will be filmed with the ability to watch our channel and Webinars.  Book your frist stay in our tiny house now!

First need a trailer

In order to be permited on our land our homes must be mobile – therefore the first thing we need is a trailer cassis.  The size will be 6x2.5 meters so that we don’t need a specialty permit to move it. 

The trailer must be able to go up to 10km/h to classify as mobile and a double underbody (625mm) and protection against moisture.

Cassis 6m € 5.640,00

And then we need ...

  • Wood frame and insulation € 9.500,00
  • ROOF/Insulation/Skilled Roofer € 3.800,00
  • Windows and door € 1.700,00 
  • Floor € 750,00
  • Bathroom/Shower/Toilet € 850,00
  • Appliance package € 2.280,00
  • Last but not least – Tools € 1.200,00

Who wants to know more about the individual sections of our Tiny House, can follow this link ...

Who are we?

Judith Anger, Wildnerness Culture Pioneer, Student of Sepp Holzer. Michaela Schmitz, IT, Webside and Crowdfunding. Florian Ryba, design. Dieter Steffen, Fan of building tiny houses. Sebastian Helbig, set designer. Benjamin Brewer, carpenter. Stefan Schartlmüller, creative chef, volunteer. Volkmar Geiblinger, videocut. Jamie and Ludwig our housekeepers. And a lot more helpers...

And here you can find our Give aways we would like to offer you:

Please support our team by building the next Tiny House and for that support we would like to thank you! Here you find our selection of Give aways. Please help yourself.