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Behind The Wheel

We all love classic cars, don’t we? Especially fascinating are classic American cars. The sparkling chrome road cruisers of the 1950s, the relatively compact «Pony Cars» of the 1960s, inspired by the pioneering Ford Mustang, or the oversized luxury sedans of the 1970s, with their sharp edges and generally simpler designs.

While watching a classic American roadster roar by, have you ever wondered just who the person behind the wheel might be? This very question is the subject of my photographic series. I portray people living in Switzerland who own classic American cars. Although owner and car are inextricably linked, the focus is primarily on the driver rather than on the automobile. With atmospheric images and biographical texts, I capture the personality of the owners, who they are, and why they pursue this particular hobby or even lifestyle.

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The Book

Since 2014, I have met 17 drivers of classic American cars willing to share their stories in photographs and words. Among them, I found many similarities, but also marked differences. To my surprise, not only men, but also women, find joy in caring for classic cars, including Miss Tattoo Switzerland 2012, Dänälä Schmutz.

The photographic work will soon be completed and will be enriched by texts written by Sibylle Jung. At this time, there are no plans to translate the text into English. The book will be published by Offizin, Zurich, Switzerland.


With your help into production

In order to get the book printed before the end of the year, I am in need of your support. I have received the financial backing from several private companies, but a large chunk is still missing to cover the printing costs.

If you would like to support my project, please click the green «Back this Project!» button on the right. You can choose one of the rewards, or, donate any amount without the reward. Whatever you choose, I am already very grateful for your help!

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