An enchanting story of a vegetarian vampire boy named Benjamiin who has to flee Transylvania with his family. Join him on his exciting journey through life.

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Benjamiin - His New World

With this book, I bring together several important and meaningful life themes; transmitting them in a charming and lighthearted way for the world of children.

How can we convey the value of getting to know and love other cultures to children? How do children learn about acceptance in general?

Benjamiin helps children understand what it feels like to be excluded and not accepted, what it means to have to find new friends and with it have to build a new life.

This children's book is wonderfully refreshing, building awareness among children and adults about our individuality and differences.

In the book, Papa Ruppert cooks tasty vegetarian recipes that are impossible for children to resist. Papa Ruppert is writing a vegetarian cookbook and these recipes can be found at the back of the book.

A healthy and vegetarian lifestyle is made more accessible to children in a playful and refreshing way.

In this respect, I would also like to thank the Hiltl Academy, who have provided me with the vegetarian and vegan recipes for my book.

With your help, the characters can be brought to life.

Benjamiin was born from my passion to invent and tell stories imaginatively. The story was finally completed from this love of storytelling and I have also designed the characters with my illustrations.

However, in order to complete the book (100pages), I still need the editing of Esther Bürki, the final illustrations with the help of Sandy Jud, the marketing with Veky Arnaut and above all the printing.

All remaining additional funds will be further invested into the development of more books and the project as whole. Bringing Benjamiin into our world more and more each day.
If possible, volunteers will be remunerated and involved in future projects.