«Bern Unverpackt» – Bern Unpacked, is a non-profit organization that aims to promote sustainable, fair and local trade economies and to facilitate the greatest possible reduction in household waste.

CHF 14’615

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"104 %"
This is how it worksä

The «all or nothing» principle applies: The project only receives the funds if the funding target is reached or exceeded.

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Successfully concluded on 16/7/2018

Help us make Bern a place of fairer trade and zero waste!

Bern Unverpackt wants to sell packaging-free organic food, toiletries, detergents and natural cosmetics, at a fair price! This means that products are offered in bulk bins and customers fill their own jars or bags. The Bern Unverpackt shop will be integrated into the culture-bar werkhof102; a vibrant and dynamic place to shop sustainably and meet with friends over a tea, coffee or beer! Here, we also aim to provide a platform for informal discussions on alternative forms of economy, sustainable social development and fair alternatives to the Swiss Franc (e.g. the cryptocurrency FairCoin).

Our vision is that less packaging waste is generated in Bern, and that fair products both local and artisanal become common place in all our homes. We intend to be a real alternative.

That's why our project is special

We do not just want to be packaging-free shop, but also to become a FairSpot: open to all those who are committed to make Bern more sustainable. In addition, our association is organised in a sociocratic way and everyone can get involved. We have a clear goal: promote small-scale business cycles and support cool local producers. Our project differs from other shops also in that we can use the synergy potential with the werkhof102: Soon you can conveniently buy packaging free after having brunch on Sunday or during your after-work beer!

Why do we need your support?

To make Bern Unverpackt a reality at werkhof102 we need a total of CHF 25’000. In a first Crowdfunding we have collected CHF 11’000 and CHF 6’000 in FairCoin. The fair cryptocurrency has huge potential in the future (e.g. we will buy olive oil from small communities in Andalusia) but is of less use for our start-up costs. That’s why we are aiming for another CHF 14’000 here on wemakeit.