Exploring Scotland with a van! This was an aspired idea we had in mind for months!

It was the 31st of July 2015 that we started our journey, leaving from the french part of Switzerland, and heading to Calais in France to eventually get to Scotland.

We left without any precise plan in mind nor any specific expectations. What we were searching for was to fully live in the present moment with loads of spontaneity, and hoping that every single day would become a long lasting memory.

This is the very way to never be disappointed!

Presentation of the project

More than 7000 kilometres traveled during 6 weeks – including some crazy adventures, unforgettable encounters and hundreds of photos and videos shot. We want to share our experiences and thoughts in a creative yet simple way in the form of articles, photos and video episodes.

In this way, we hope that we can inspire and encourage people around us to step out of their comfort zone, challenge themselves more, and invite them to become more spontaneous in life and to not take simple things in every-day life for granted, but instead to be grateful for what we have.

We have already made a video that summarizes our trip, that you can watch down below. It was in the process of making this video that we realised it was impossible to use everything we filmed and photographed in a single movie.

It would also be very difficult to express the emotions and the feeling we want to share in just one video. This is when we came up with the idea of combining videos, pictures and articles.

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The crew

  • Gisli Deferne – The jack of all trades
  • Joakim Arcioni – The cook
  • Kevin Ryser – The artist
  • Nils Bardet – «Le vieux gars»
  • Ronny Schupbach – The salmon fisherman
  • The Big Blue Whale - Our house on wheels
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Why did we choose Crowdfunding?

Since our project was not only to share our experiences, but also to create an interaction with people by involving them in it, we thought Crowdfunding was the perfect way to go!

We are endlessly appreciative for the support you give us – in whatever way it may be, because without you, we could not pursue and fulfil our passions and future projects.


With such an amount of multimedia materials, it is necessary to invest in some free time in order to produce some quality work. Obviously, this time is not compensated. Therefore, it would be complicated for this project to see the light of day without your support.

Your participation and involvement will allow us to invest the time and energy required to create the series of episodes, the writing of articles and the photo treatment. However, your support will also contribute in the investment of video equipment, which will enable us to continue publishing some awesome stuff!

Special thanks for the translation: Joakim Arcioni and Olivia Dixon.

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