The roots of Blue Lotus

• A strong desire to bring people together around exceptional coffees, teas, hot chocolates, and other gourmet drinks, in a refined and offbeat environment designed as an invitation to unplug and relax

• An eagerness to bring a certain joie de vivre to a variety of customers, while guaranteeing high-quality service within a remarkable café, where you’ll find homemade food prepared with fresh, local ingredients, as well as original apéros with great wines, regional artisanal beers, and forgotten liquors – each visit will be a memorable experience!

• Altruism, a creative mind, and the need to share stories and smiles, outstanding recipes and special flavors, new sensations and tranquil moments, with a good book, a board game, or local art within reach.

• Cécile’s willingness to create an independent, sustainable business focused on eco-friendly practices, that is not only involved in the community, but also socially useful.

• A keen understanding of how imperative it is to defend and promote strong values:

  • Homemade food, high quality, authenticity, proximity, diversity, seasonality, and traceability
  • Sharp focus on the local terroir, artisanal methods and unique savoir-faire, and small producers from the region

• The audacity to place the work and creativity of passionate women in the spotlight: nearly all of the small producers and providers in our network are Switzerland-based women, from the coffee roasters and the chocolate maker to the tea merchants, the cheesemaker, and our enthusiastic winewaker!


A full sensory experience in a peaceful haven

Blue Lotus is synonymous with pleasure, escape, discovery, relaxation, and tranquility. It’s more than an independent coffee bar or a tea house, more than a place where you can meet and exchange with people in the heart of Nyon – Blue Lotus is a state of mind.

Cécile loves sharing rare finds with specialty coffee connoisseurs, tea lovers, and chocoholics alike. She’s also keen on preparing delightful gourmet drinks and scrumptious food that those of you who are just curious or jolly gluttons (or both!) will thoroughly enjoy. 

You’ll want to stop by often to discover new flavors and try outstanding recipes! Cécile’s creations are simply irresistible!

This indie coffee shop boasts ultra-comfy couches and armchairs, a fabulous collection of art books, and authentic decorations from Tibet and south Asia. It is the perfect place to unplug, drift away and let go of your daily routine, forget the daily grind, and let pleasant music and relaxing scents soothe you. This full sensory experience will bring you sheer happiness and peace of mind.


How can you support Blue Lotus?

As Cécile always emphasizes, she’s not merely serving drinks or food, she’s serving people. You. Hence, Blue Lotus is a truly unique place, designed for YOU, so you may enjoy memorable moments in a great setting where all five of your senses will send you on fabulous journey!

Today, Blue Lotus Coffee & Tea SàRL has self-financed its creation and we’ve secured a gorgeous location in the old town of Nyon, right on the beautiful Place du Marché (and received all the necessary authorizations, too!). The most fabulous professional espresso machine has been ordered. Furniture has been carefully selected and the decorations are packed and ready to dazzle!

Your active support is crucial at this point, so we may open early next year, as planned. In order to create the most special, convivial coffee shop our community deserves, Cécile still needs to acquire or finish:

  • Small equipment (CHF 8,000)
  • Furniture (CHF 9,000)
  • Professional equipment, structure, and fittings behind the bar, to prepare the best, freshest food and beverages for you (CHF 15,000)
  • The custom-made wooden counter on which you will receive orders designed to thrill your taste buds (CHF 2,000)
  • Remodeling the space to bring it up to code (CHF 20,000)
  • WeMakeIt crowdfunding campaign fees (CHF 6,000)

To thank you for contributing to our opening by donating here, you will receive exclusive offers, original gifts, and even a few surprises!