«Herumlungern»: a Viennese expression for «to hang around / loitering »

«Yes, they only hang around. What do you expect? They are not allowed to work!» says Ute Bock describing the difficult situation of asylum seekers in Austria.

That is why bockwerk was launched, a new project of Ute Bock Association with the aim of providing new opportunities for refugees through handcraft and design. Our workshop is a place where a meaningful work meets committed people.

For several weeks, a group of refugees from the Ute Bock Association have been handcrafting quality design objects together with architects and bockwerk initiator Christian. We have been given temporary access to a community studio in Vienna’s WUK. We are putting the finishing touches in our little studio in the 17th district.

As social business, our goal is to finance the studio through revenue from the sales of our work. To develop and give more people the opportunity to participate at bockwerk we need access to our own studio.

Therefore, we turn to you – and to all those who believe in this cause – to help in supporting us directly so that we can fulfill our dream of our own workshop!

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Why did we launch bockwerk?

In Austria, asylum seekers are not allowed to work. They sit. They wait. They hope. They hope on a right to stay, on a brighter future. The wheels of asylum procedures turn slowly: the decision often takes years! During this time, they are condemned to inactivity. This leads to a myriad of social problems, notably long-lasting depression of those affected.

bockwerk is a way out of this dreary, hopeless everyday life, through the opportunity of doing something meaningful. The refugees are able to process their story in the workshop. They increase their self-confidence, learn to work in teams and improve their German language skills. They are handcrafting beautiful pieces, establishing relationships and having some fun in the process.

Why do we need your support?

We put a lot of energy, time, sweat and heart into bockwerk. We do this with full conviction of the mission as we are already seeing the positive results of this project. We want to continue to do this for a very long time. As long as asylum seekers cannot pursue a job legally and therefore cannot contribute to society, we need to strive to continue with our mission. With your contribution you are helping us to build a springboard into their future.

With EUR 30,000 we could achieve our minimum goal and rent a new studio for four months. Hooray! The organization’s operating costs, heat and electricity as well as the wemakeit fees are covered. Furthermore, we could finally set up our online store and continue on building our mission. We already have many ideas for new workpieces. Have any ideas or suggestions? We’d love to hear them!

With EUR 60,000 we could pay the studio for eight months, including operating costs, new tools and equipment as well as the cost of materials. We could expand the bockwerk team! More heads mean more creativity, ideas and workpieces, and more possibility and less hopelessness for our craftsmen and craftswomen. This sum allows us also to hold workshops on crafts, design and sewing in our studio.

With EUR 90,000 we could be funded for a whole year – all expenses included. This is our biggest dream! The bockwerk family can expand and serve a bigger community, realize new ideas and sell additional workpieces without financial worries. We will have the best conditions to develop the bockwerk mission and create a space for even further-reaching ideas. For example, facilitating team-building workshops for companies, and organizations with our bockwerk craftspeople.

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Rewards – Our bockwerk models

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Important! Receipt / invoice

Do you need a receipt of your support? Not a problem, we’ll gladly provide one, simply write us at office@bockwerk.at

Who is behind bockwerk?

Behind bockwerk are mixed group of residents of the Ute Bock house, employees of the Ute Bock Association and volunteers from the fields of architecture, graphic design, communication, film and photography. Each and every one of us is contributing with their talents, abilities and individual history. One thing we have in common: We all share a passion for bockwerk.

  • Christian – Project Coordinator Association Ute Bock
  • Diana, Lamin, Mustapha and Ugochukwu – bockwerk craftsman /-woman
  • Gerhard and Philipp – Architect pøl
  • Melanie – Press and Public Relations Association Ute Bock
  • Mika, Eva and Christina – social media editorial & Marketing
  • Alex – Graphics & Webdesign Strike! IT & Design
  • Tina – Photographer
  • Nicole – Administration & Marketing
  • Andreas – Photographer

bockwerk says THANK YOU!

  • Thanks to our bockwerk craftspeople from the Ute Bock House for their tireless efforts in the studio!
  • Thanks to the Ute Bock Association for the start-up capital and support!
  • Thanks to the Viennese WUK for the possibility of using their Community studio temporarily!
  • Thanks to our architects Philipp and Gerhard from pøl for the great designs and open construction plans of the pieces!
  • Thanks to our numerous volunteers who engage with their whole spirit and heart!
  • Thanks to all the artists who sing, paint and dance for bockwerk!
  • Thanks to all supporters and promoters who help us expand bockwerk!

bockwerk sagt DANKE!

  • DANKE an unsere bockwerker aus dem Ute Bock Haus für ihren unermüdlichen Einsatz in der Werkstatt!
  • DANKE an den Verein Ute Bock für das Startkapital und die Unterstützung!
  • DANKE an das Wiener WUK für die Möglichkeit vorübergehend die Gemeinschaftswerkstatt zu nutzen!
  • DANKE an unsere Architekten Philipp und Gerhard von pøl für die tollen Entwürfe und Open Design-Pläne der Werkstücke!
  • DANKE an unsere vielen ehrenamtlichen HelferInnen, die sich mit ganzem Herzen engagieren!
  • DANKE an alle KünstlerInnen, die für bockwerk singen, malen und tanzen!
  • DANKE an ALLE UnterstützerInnen, die uns helfen, bockwerk wachsen zu lassen!