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The project

Most women and many men know very little about brothels.

In 2006, I was commissioned to do a photo portrait of a «Madam». This was the starting point for my long-term project on brothels, for which I received a grant from the Canton of Bern in 2007.

Unlike most projects on the subject, the prostitutes themselves are not the main focus but rather the rooms and spaces contained in brothels. These images say more about origin and aesthetics, about eroticism and service than any words could manage. Individual images have already been shown at two exhibits and elicited considerable interest. The best and most meaningful images should now be selected from the material compiled and will be published in a photo book.

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The book

Verlag Scheidegger & Spiess will publish this photo series of around 50 images in book form, including an introductory text on photography written by Nadine Olonetzky and a larger essay on the interior decoration and design history of brothels.

The book layout will be handled by POL Konzeption & Gestaltung, a graphic design and layout agency based in Bern.

At this stage, I need your help

Unfortunately, it has become the norm to pre-fund the work of a publishing company before a book project is launched. After having already secured funding commitments from public agencies and a few institutions, I now turn to you for support.


To those wishing to support my book project, I am offering many different enticements. Each depends on the amount of funding contributed. At the upper end of the scale, I am offering a limited edition 30x40 cm two-tone heliogravure «Fun» printed by Arno Hassler at the Atelier de gravure in Moutier.