A photo book of stories from Ireland, Poland, Lebanon, Spain, Ukraine, Germany and Estonia made by women

This year femLENS, an international non-profit association run by a team of dedicated women volunteers based all around the world and teaching documentary photography to women and girls from diverse cultural and economic backgrounds, are turning five years! In these years we have put together an archive of beautiful documentary photography stories by women from who are usually under-represented in the media and cultural industries. Young girls and older women from rural areas, single mothers in gentrified cities, women with disabilities, women living in one of the old’s oldest refugee camps - Shatila in Beirut, Lebanon - and many more stories.


We need more diversity in the visual documentation of this world.

Today’s cultural and media representation of women is not inclusive and diverse. Men and women are often portrayed in stereotypical ways, and traditional roles in society are emphasised. Women in photography remain a minority even in Western countries - in more traditional societies getting access to training and support is that much harder. We want to share the stories our amazing workshop participants created that challenge many stereotypes, but also inform us on topics in the news sphere - but from a new perspective. We also want it to be a memorable book to celebrate all their achievements! Photo books last for years, decades, even centuries. Help us publish a book and make these stories last centuries!

We need your help to make it look good!

Every year we publish a magazine called «We See». We have volunteers who help out with design, and we fundraise for printing costs. A book is a much bigger project. In order to have the book ready by August - our anniversary - we need to enlist a professional curator, designer, a writer and an editor and then to publish and distribute to bookshops and libraries. The costs will cover the production, printing and distribution.

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